Constellation Necklace | DIY with Darby Smart


Blogging is funny. I created this necklace tutorial over a year ago and now it has been picked up to be used as a project you can order from Darby Smart! How fun AND easy is that?! You can get all the supplies and directions to make this insanely easy constellation necklace here.

Darby Smart is such a fun and growing community of DIYers. You can search their website for projects you want to take on and purchase all the tools and materials you need on the same page you found the tutorial on! It makes it so easy and accessible to actually complete a project you find through the endless scrolling of Pinterest. So go ahead and join in on the fun and don't forget to share what you've made by tagging me (@courtneyvweston) and Darby Smart (@darbysmart) on instagram!

Leather Sunglasses Case | DIY


 Summer is coming up so the sunglasses have already emerged full time. I love how this project came out because it is so versatile! I had original plans for this case, but halfway through I made some changes. If you don't have a Cricut, don't worry! You can easily make a design on your sunglasses case with a paint pen or x-acto knife!

 Materials: Leather (I used a veg tan), Cricut machine (optional) , X-acto knife, this template, Scissors, Sunglasses to measure, Sewing Machine.
Process: Download and cut out template. Trace on the back of the leather and cut out. This is when you'll add any design you want. I used a Cricut to cut in a design and on one case I wrote "shades." Fold the bottom of the template (with the straight edge) up and line one side along the middle of the case and sew. Repeat this on the other side. Cut a 10 inch strip of leather and sew to the back of the case. Put your sunglasses inside and you are ready to go!

Updated Tea Infuser | DIY


My favorite part of my mornings is waking up and getting to sit down with a hot cup of tea. I haven't gotten into the coffee craze, but I've definitely jumped on board the tea train! I usually use loose leaf teas and a tea infuser to get my tea just right. Since my current tea infuser's metal hook fell off I thought it would be fun to make my own little "anchor" for my infuser so the chain doesn't fall in every time.
Materials: Polymer oven bake clay, leather, paint, tea infuser, paint, beads, wire
Process: Roll out your clay and make the shapes of your choice! I was originally going to use some beads I had on hand mixed with beads I made with clay, but I changed direction and liked how the polymer beads turned out instead. Decorate your beads, thread them through leather strands or wire. If your infuser still has the hook on the end, remove it with wire pliers. Connect your leather strand to the wire by tying a knot or if you used wire, use your pliers to connect to your infuser. Add in some tea leaves and enjoy!
 This is such a quick and inexpensive project to make! Perfect for gifts, or a weekend project.
If you want to read about making your own tea blends, check out this post.