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Reupholstering Vintage Midcentury Chairs With Leather

A while back, Jordan and I stumbled across these two midcentury modern chairs at a local antique store. We had our eyes on two chairs at West Elm we wanted to save up for, but when we found these we saw so much potential and agreed we wanted to have these original chairs compared to newer ones. 
We knew immediately we wanted to restore the wood (which we will still do in the future) and reupholster the cushions. I'm sure you can guess I love leather, so it was an easy decision to spring for leather instead of a fabric I may get tired of in the future. 
For reference, here is what we started with:
 I like the light color of the original cushions but they were dirty and were in need of an update. I am bummed the wood is painted black and can't wait to restore it to the original wood!

Annnnnd AFTER! We commissioned our friend, Jake Fowler, to upholster the cushions for us with this beautiful leather from The Leather Hide Store. They sent over a few samples of leather and although it was a tough choice, I decided on Indian River because of the cognac color and the waxy, low sheen. I feel like it will only get better with age, as leather tends to do.

The other fun part of the upholstery process was using this sizing guide to know exactly how much leather was needed for our two chairs. One full leather hide covered 4 cushions and we even had some left over! This made the process a breeze so we were equipped with the perfect amount needed for the chairs.

I love how these cushions turned out, I think everything is better with leather! If you have a leather project and need some help, be sure to check out this sizing guide and browse through the leather supply that The Leather Hide Store has!

This post was in partnership with The Leather Hide Store. All opinions and design direction were my own. Thanks for reading!


10 Photo Backdrop Ideas For Etsy Product Photos

It can be difficult to think of new ways to photograph your products to sell on Etsy. General rule of thumb is to keep it simple, light, and in line with your brand. Make sure you don't go for anything distracting. I just like to use backdrops to add texture not to compete with the product. I also recommend shooting your product on a plain backdrop and feature at least 2 photos with a plain background that can easily be used for editorial pieces. Here are 10 photo backdrop ideas for etsy product photos, most are less than $5 each.

1. $.99 posterboard- comes in an array of colors (steer clear from anything too bright) and you can find it everywhere. I recommend white, black, light gray or navy blue.

2. Beadboard- My new photos for Etsy feature a beaadboard backdrop leftover from a home project. I like how clean it looks!

3. Paint Stirrers- completely free at your local home improvement store! I painted about 10 paint stirrers white and lined them up to mimic a thin shiplap for photos. Works like a charm!

4. Tile- Similar to this DIY, using tile as a backdrop is a great texture to add. I can imagine jewelry or a beautiful watch being shot on this background.

5. Table Runners- Natural runners like this one are inexpensive and versatile for your product photos! 

6. Baskets-

7. Wood planks- Go out to your garage and find some leftover wood and get creative!

8. Printed Cardstock- have you ever perused the scrapbook section of craft stores? They are full of amazing products that don't just work for scrapbooking. Take a look at their printed cardstock but remember: keep it simple.

9. Textured Linen Fabric- I love the juxtaposition of a soft, delicate linen fabric with a more structured or heavier product.

10. Marble Contact Paper- You don't have to spring for an expensive marble slab, the paper will do the trick!


Podcasts That Have Inspired Me As an Entrepreneur

Do you love podcasts? Some days I will listen to 3-4 as I work and some days I work in silence. I try not to rely on noise throughout my days and if I do add some noise I want it to be enriching and inspiring. I am pretty picky about podcasts but I try to listen to new ones often so I am not stuck in the same rut. So with all that said, I felt like it was about time I share the podcasts that have inspired me as an entrepreneur.

Startup Camp- A few weeks ago, I put out a call for new podcasts and a friend suggested I listen to Dale Partridge's podcast. I immediately binge-listened to his most recent season and took so many notes! I love his tagline "Success at work without success at home isn't success at all."

How I Built ThisThis has to be my favorite podcast. I love hearing the stories of so many business leaders that have even been on the brink of giving up, hearing when their ideas sparked and the steps it took to build successful businesses. I especially love Sara Blakely's interview about Spanx and Blake Mycoskie's interview on how he built TOMS.

Munchin With Moguls- This is a newer podcast but still has great content that is inspiring and digs deeper than just business ideas.

Chris Loves Julia Podcast- I never knew a podcast about design could be so intriguing without visuals, but it is! I love the conversations Chris, Julia and Preston have centered around home design. Even though it technically isn't about entrepreneurial pursuits, there are tidbits here and there I think you'll find helpful.

Awesome With Allison- Do you follow anyone that you feel is 100% themselves on social media, and with everything they do?! I love how Allison unapologetically puts herself out there and encourages other people to be themselves as well. Her podcast is full of great insights and I also love how she focuses on the heart of the matter as well.

Elise Gets Crafty- Listening to Elise's podcast is like sitting down to chat with an old friend about crafts, business, and trying new things. I love how she shares all her tips and she interviews the best people!

Made It by Maker Academy- Courtney and Elliot interview creatives and business owners from around the world on turning passion projects into profitable businesses. Bonus, I made it on to the podcast and you can listen to it here!

Now I want to know, what are your favorite podcasts?!