Tulsa, OK City Guide


My good friend, Rachel Andersen, is the type of person that automatically knows the best places to go to, hidden gems and best coffee shops of most cities around. Specializing in our own town Tulsa, Oklahoma, I've invited her to the blog today to share the best places to roam about. You'll soon find out Tulsa is in fact a lot cooler than one would think. I'll just let her take it from here
I love Tulsa. I love the push for entrepreneurship, for small business owners, for handmade artists. Our downtown districts have changed drastically in the last five years – now there are actually places to eat and spend time at past 6:00 PM, without being a bar or club. When I first moved here from the Milwaukee area five years ago, people questioned why to Tulsa. There were a lot of jokes about riding horses instead of driving cars, and socializing with all the cowboys and indians. Cool, guys, very funny.

Tulsa was awesome when I first came, but it’s gotten even better each year. There’s SO much history here, but then there’s also the new additions like Guthrie Green and the free community events they do, or little specialized eateries that open up.

The list below is broken up by district – coffee + eateries first, then any shops or activities. It's just scratching the surface of my Tulsa hit list, but hopefully will give you some ideas for fun outings exploring our city! -Rachel

The Nest on Cherry Street
Heirloom Baking Co. on Cherry Street
Cherry Street Farmers Market

Coffee House on Cherry Street
Andolini’s Pizzeria
Heirloom Baking Co. (gluten-free options!)
Kilkenny’s- Irish Pub

Clean Hands
The Nest
Fifteenth and Home

Cherry Street Farmers Market - Saturday mornings

Urban Outfitters
 Blue Moon Cafe

Shades of Brown - Coffee Shop
Blue Moon Café - Delicious breakfast and lunch!
Antoinette Baking Co. – pies and macarons
HopBunz – crafted burgers and custard milkshakes
Doc’s - great vibe and great seafood options
Cafe Samana - Best spot in Tulsa for vegan options

Ida Red – Tulsa + Oklahoma gear, plus the best assortment of old school candy and soda
Center 1 shops – if you only pick one, Edit is a MUST visit!
SR Hughes
Jo & June Boutique
Eversomething Floral Bar
Hoot Owl Coffee – get the nitro!

Eversomething floral bar
Jo & June boutique

Circle Cinema

Topeca Coffee inside the Mayo Hotel
Jennifer Juice
Mod’s Crepes + Gelato
Elote – eat great Mexican food while watching a luchador wrestling match!

Underground tunnel tours
Jazz Hall of Fame
Dilly Diner Outside
Dilly Diner
JoeBot Coffee
Dilly Diner – dessert bar, do you need to know anything else?
STG Pizzeria + Gelateria
El Guapo
Tall Grass Prairie – farm-to-table
McNellie’s Publick House – $3 burgers on Wednesday nights
S&J Oyster Bar & Seafood Café

Dwelling Spaces

Dust Bowl
Guthrie Green
AHHA Arts Center

Chimera- the coffee is great and the tacos are a must-get!
Brady Tavern
Laffa – get the street falafel
Hey Mambo
Fat Guys Burgers – best fries AND milkshakes in the city
Phryme Steakhouse
Glacier Fine Chocolates

Glass Blowing School

AHHA Hardesty Arts Center
Woody Guthrie Center
Guthrie Green – free events from April–November, like Food Truck Wednesdays or Movies on the Lawn!
Philbrook Museum of Art

FREE trolley rides around the Brady Arts district Thursday–Sunday evenings
Center of the Universe echo spot – cheesy, but a Tulsa staple
Bohemian Pizza
Hodges Bend
Bohemian Pizza

DoubleShot Coffee – inspired a sketch on Portlandia. no seriously, you can’t not go.
Foolish Things Coffee

Burn Co. BBQ – this is a non-negotiable. you’ll thank me after. only open for lunch each day, and they usually sell out!
The Rusty Crane

Centennial Park

 Nourish Drink Cafe
 Nourish Drink Cafe
Dragonmoon Tea Co.
Nourish Drink Café
Stonehorse Café
The Wild Fork
Queenie’s Café + Bakery
El Rio Verde
Umberto’s Pizzeria
Tally’s Café
Bill & Ruth's Submarine Shop- These are ALL over Tulsa, but go to the Midtown location for sushi…seriously! 

Retro Den
Ted & Debbie’s flower shop – the sweetest owners, and best selection of plants and flowers

Tulsa Flea Market, held at the Expo on Saturdays
Woodward Park
Tulsa Rose Garden
Linnaeus Teaching Gardens
Greenhouse just past the Teaching Gardens

I'd say she hit all the good spots ;) I need to check out more of these places! You can follow Rachel on instagram and check out her Etsy shop, Unanchored Studio.

Always Rooney Travelers


It's always fun when I'm tagged on Instagram in a photo of a passport case someone just received or is about to take with them on their next journey! I thought it would be fun to start sharing some of those photos here on the blog. It sure does give me an insane travel itch!

Fun fact: My [insta]friend, Taylor Tippett from A Travelin' Lady reached out to me to collaborate on this passport case. Her words, my cover. I think they go together quite nicely!

Photo by JennyOlivia - go follow her travels on Instagram!
Be sure to tag me in all of your passport cover photos, you may just see them here on the blog!

Leather and Can Dog Bed | DIY


I felt like our cute new pup needed somewhere comfortable to sleep. He loves chewing things and I didn't want to splurge on a dog bed that would soon be ripped to shreds. I didn't mind making one out of materials I already had on hand, I actually preferred it. Especially since most dog beds you can purchase are so unattractive. This was insanely easy, affordable (even if you don't have the materials on hand) and the fact that it was free-ninety-nine eases my mind in case it one day gets ripped to shreds and stained. I made one side a blank canvas and decorated the other side with inspiration from vintage African mud cloths. Of course, if you don't want to see any dirt you should probably make this out of a darker color or dye your drop cloth! 
Materials: Drop cloth, Leather scraps (faux leather or extra drop cloth will work perfectly fine!), stuffing or foam (I used some I had from an upholstery project I am working on), sewing machine and cloth marker.
Steps: Measure your foam or your desired size of the bed. I measured Dirk's crate so it would easily fit inside. Mine ended up being 20 x 26 inches. Cut two rectangles to size. Measure the height of your foam. Cut the leather scraps to the height of your foam and the length of the bed. I pieced some of the scraps together to make them long enough. Sew the leather scraps to the edges of your drop cloth rectangles (picture 2) and then connect the corners together by sewing. Sew on the bottom drop cloth to the leather and leave one side completely un-sewed. Fill your dog bed with your foam and then sew the last side together! 

 Dirk completely rejected his bed at first. I tried to bribe him to lay on it with treats and by sitting on it…he wasn't having it. It took some warming up but now I look over and see him laying on it which makes me feel so accomplished! The warming up to it obviously happened AFTER these photos…hence the two paws on. I guess Dirk just doesn't get the whole blogging photos thing yet ;)