Yoga Mat Bag | DIY


 Working out is so much more enjoyable when you have cute gear. You can disagree, but sometimes I'm motivated to work out because I can wear a fun outfit to class or carry all my stuff in a cute yoga bag. I'm completely okay with that! Judge me, but at least I'm working out ;) Anyways, that is where this yoga bag comes in to play. I made this in just under an hour and you can too, so let's get to it!
 Materials: Canvas bag*, Leather scraps, Iron-On Paper, Photo/Design of your choice to print**, Yoga mat or Towel for measuring, Sewing Machine
*Can be found at any craft supply store for a few bucks!
**I found my design on Google search. You can also search on Pinterest for floral designs. I don't own this image, I am solely using it for personal use! 
Steps: Print out your design you want to iron on. Follow the instructions for the transfer paper and iron on your design to your canvas bag. Make sure your bag is ironed beforehand and wait for design to completely cool until you peel the top layer off! Next, lay your yoga mat across your canvas bag and cut leather strips that will fit over the mat. My strips were 25 inches long and I cut off the excess. Mark where you want the hole to be for your mat and these will be your sewing guidelines. Sew the straps to your bag making sure to leave room for your mat. Finally, sew leather straps on to the existing canvas straps. I decided not to cut off the canvas straps so there was extra support. Now fill your bag with a water bottle, towel, an energy bar and head to your yoga class!

Not into yoga? That is perfectly fine! You can also use this bag at the beach, which is honestly where I feel I would get more use out of it if I still lived near the water. Just slip a towel in the yoga bag slot and fill your bag with sunscreen, snacks and a frisbee!

I'm not an avid yogi, I actually take Barrre3 classes and my local studio offers outdoor classes where a yoga mat is needed. I'm excited to have a bag that will help me carry all my class necessities!

Two Years Of Shop Always Rooney


I can't believe I am sitting down to write a blog post about owning my own business for two years! CRAZY! I think this year running my Etsy shop has taken on a whole new meaning for me as well as new challenges.

First off, I got married and that changed things for me and my business. I wasn't just caring for myself anymore, but also my husband. My income from my Etsy shop wasn't just for me anymore, it was for our family. That has challenged me in the best way to make my Etsy shop better and work hard to keep it growing.

The next biggest challenge is facing the inevitable creative block. Not just in creativity, but in drive. Staying home all day is a joy to me, it fits my personality but I've faced some days of monotony and not really feeling like working. I heard someone say recently "Complacency will be the silent killer of your calling." That hit me hard. The time came this year when I wasn't completely enjoying every single moment of working full time from home. So I made a few changes that you can read about here

Finally, I believe this year I've found more than ever that it is by God's grace I get to do what I do! I am a strong believer that God has called each and every person to something specific and equipped them with the talents and strength they need to do that very thing. I sometimes have to remind myself of this. Daily ;)

It's been a fun adventure so far, there is no telling what lies ahead! If you are interested in starting your own Etsy shop, I wrote a blog post here with tons of resources to dive into. I would love to hear about your own journey in the small business/blogging/following your dreams world!
So now on to the good stuff…you can enter to win a passport cover of YOUR choice along with any personalizations or specific quotes you want. All you have to do is sign up for Bloglovin' and follow Always Rooney! See…easy! If you want a second chance to win, you can head on over to my Instagram and enter there. There will be two winners (ya know…because two years…get it?) Good luck! I'll contact the winner August 19th. UPDATE: The winner, Faith Wang, has been contacted! Thanks for all who entered!

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Picture Frame Countdown | DIY


I almost feel silly for calling this a DIY project because it is SO easy. Seriously. The other day my husband brought up the idea of us making a countdown until our next vacation so I looked around at all the supplies I had on hand and whipped this super simple picture frame countdown in just a matter of 30 minutes. 

I love how easy this was and how I can always use it for another countdown or reuse the frame! In these photos it is in my workroom but I plan on moving it to the kitchen so we can both enjoy it!
 Materials: Picture frame, Print Out or Photo, Staple Gun, Leather Scrap or any kind of fabric, Dry Erase Marker
Steps: Through photoshop or any editing app add a quote and the number of days until your trip on a colorful photo,  print out your photos (I printed on two pieces of paper and taped them together), Put the photo in the frame, Cut a long rectangle of your leather or fabric that will wrap around your marker, Staple in place on the back of your frame, check off each day as you inch closer and closer to vacation!
 *"Shake It Off" print is from this shop.

So I'm sure you guessed it…we are headed to California in just a few weeks! We would love ALL your recommendations - we will be traveling the coast from LA to SF - so bring on your favorite sights, eats, and must sees!