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How To: Minimal DIY Christmas Ornaments, Three Ways

This year, instead of going and buying new Christmas decor I decided to work with some materials I already had. I know not everyone has spray paint, leather and wool on their hands but these are all simple materials to purchase and you don't need much so its a simple way to create minimal DIY Christmas ornaments!

Leather and Wood Ornament DIY

Materials needed: 1 inch leather straps, twine or string, wood beads, Scissors, leather hole punch

How To: First, cut eight six-inch strips of leather. Next, punch holes on each end of the leather strips. Cut a sixteen inch piece of twine and fold in half. String the beads of your choice to the top. Now, take each strip of leather and thread one end through the twine. Starting with the last piece, thread the second hole through the leather to create a loop of leather. The eight pieces will all stack on top of each other. Finish off by tying the twine and fanning out the loops of leather. 

Ceramic-look Ornament DIY 

 Materials Needed: Ornaments to spray paint (I used old ornaments and pictured above shows ornaments from a local craft supply), Leather, Stone Spray Paint

How To: Lightly spray paint old ornaments with many coats until covered. Tie off with a strip of leather!

Wool Star Ornament DIY

Materials Needed: 1/4 yard wool, pillow stuffing, leather, sewing machine

How To: Cut out star shape in leather and a 2 inch piece of leather. Sew 3/4 around the star shape with right-facing pieces facing each other. Turn right-side out, fill with stuffing, attach leather piece and finish sewing around the edge!

Looking for more Christmas DIY projects? Check out last year's linen and leather stocking DIY!


Where To Shop Small This Holiday Season

With all the big sale days coming up this week I wanted to host a list of amazing small businesses here for you to shop!
I hope you browse around and see all of the amazing brands out there and find some special items you love.It’s so special knowing the people and hard work that has gone into every single piece. Tip: a lot of these businesses are hosting sales this week so find them on instagram to see what sales they have!

Tulsa Local

Other local small businesses that you may not remember work hard this holiday season and have great things to offer:
Photographers, Salons, Your amazing friend who is a part of a direct sales company, Artists, Authors. 


Renovation Introduction: Knox Cottage

(us in front of the cottage on demo day)

Today I want to introduce our big renovation happening right in our backyard!

Last year I shared the before of our back house and some of the dreams we had for the space. This is a space we didn't know we would get to renovate this year but the more we talked about it and sought out our options, the more we realized this was the year to invest in this part of our property.

Our goal for the space is to create an open, bright, one bedroom apartment to rent out for a long term rental. The layout of the space is changing since the garage is becoming part of the living area. The new layout is about 575 square feet. Nothing from the space was salvageable so tearing everything out already seems like a huge improvement. We started about a month ago and I'm blown away by the progress already! You can follow along with live updates on instagram.

Here is a little idea of the design we are aiming towards with the cottage. I'm looking for ways to maximize the space like adding shelves for extra storage while keeping it open and airy. I'm looking for creative ways to expand our dollar and create a beautiful, bespoke space that someone will enjoy living in!
I'm excited to share the progress along the way, where we found all our materials and of course the finished product! Don't forget to follow along on instagram here