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A Weekend Guide To Waco, TX

Ah Waco. A small town in Texas that is the perfect place to visit if you're looking for inspiration, to meet sweet people and eat a delicious cupcake. Jordan planned a trip for us to visit Spring At The Silos hosted by the Magnolia Silos this past weekend. Went last year with our friends Kendall and Jesse and we had such a fun time we had to go back.

I love visiting Waco because I leave inspired to work and serve where I am here in Tulsa. The beauty of Waco shows that you can make anywhere beautiful. I always leave in awe of what God can do in a small town as well as inspired to serve my community. The people are amazing, the food is delicious and you can see new life being breathed into every corner. There is just something about it, you have to go see for yourself.

I wanted to throw a little weekend guide together for you in case you make your way down to Waco. If you're visiting Austin or Dallas, it is the perfect opportunity to take a day to visit Waco. Or it is also great for a weekend getaway.

Magnolia Silos - The main event ;) The shop is full of beautiful displays and beautiful home decor.

Wildland Supply Co. - I was so happy to stumble across Wildland Supply Co! Their curated selection of clothing and home accessories made me want to take home one of everything. 

Spice Village - A huge shopping center with over 60 boutiques.

Harp Design Co - Of course if you watch Fixer Upper you'll want to see where those beautiful tables are built! Plus it is fun to see the house right next door featured on the show.

Black Oak Art - Beautiful pottery customized to Waco!

Magnolia Table - You have to go to the new Magnolia Table. Every detail was thought through, the food is amazing. Don't forget to try their tater tots.

They open at 6am and if you're going on a weekend or a busy event week I highly recommend going when they open. We waited 10 minutes at 6:30 am but I heard the day before the wait was a few hours later in the day (of course this was a busy event weekend - just be prepared). Overall, I can not recommend it enough! 

Moroso Pizzeria - Delicious wood fired pizza. Be sure to try the lobster ravioli!

Hecho En Waco - Because Mexican food always hits the spot!

Food Trucks At Magnolia - Head over to the food trucks at Magnolia Silos for a treat. I love the Cheddar Box!

Silos Baking Co. - To top it all off, grab a cupcake! My favorite is Shiplap, good ol' vanilla.

Pinewood Coffee Bar - I loved their chai and the overall vibe is a place you want to hang out all day long.

Dichotomy - For serious coffee lovers

Commongrounds - Close to the silos and Baylor, a place where everyone hangs out!

Riverwalk - The river in Waco is so pretty, be sure to take a stroll along the path!

The Lawn at the Silos - The great thing about the Silos is you can relax and hang out all day on the lawn. I love going during events they host because the buzz of all the people is infectious and everyone is so nice!

Take a drive - It is fun to drive around and imagine what you would do to "fix up" each house like they do on Fixer Upper. Not every house has been fixed up yet ;)

Magnolia B&B - If you're going with a large group, consider booking far in advanced and staying at one of the beautifully renovated B&B's by Magnolia.

Airbnb - I love staying in Airbnb's wherever I go to get a better feel for the city. Consider booking well in adnvaced! (Use that link for $40 off your first stay)

I hope you make your way to Waco to see the beauty for yourself! Have you been? I'd love to hear about your experience.



Round Woven Jute & Leather Bag | DIY

 I love how this bag turned out and I can't believe how simple it was to make. It just goes to show if you can't stop thinking about a project, you should probably make it!

With just a few materials, this bag comes together in less than an hour and a half. It's a great way to practice different stitches on your sewing machine and new techniques with adding leather straps.

I love this woven bag trend and I can't wait to bring this bag around with me during the spring and summer!
 Round Woven Jute & Leather Bag DIY

Materials & Tools: 2 woven placemats (I found mine at Hobby Lobby for $3 each), Jute yarn, matching thread, leather straps, flat posts, sewing machine with zig-zag stitch, hammer, post setter, leather hole punch.

  • Cut 3 long 45 in. strips of jute yarn. Tie in a loose knot at the end and braid together. When you reach the end, tie in another loose knot. Repeat for 5 braids.
  • Turn your sewing machine on to the zig zag stitch setting. Folding the first braid in half, start to sew back and forth between the braid to connect the strands. Continue to attach more braids when you reach the end by stitching over them. 
  • You'll be making a long rectangle, so keep sewing back and forth until all of the braids are connected and your rectangle is complete. Back stitch and cut off loose threads
  • Sew your rectangle to one placemat by sewing along the circle edge. Repeat this on the opposite side with the last placemat.
  • To attach your leather straps, punch holes towards the end and post setter to attach the flat posts in place with a hammer. 

Not too bad, right? This is a great afternoon project to take on, especially if you are counting down the days until it is warmer like I am. Have you been crafting for spring yet?!


5-Minute Marble Tray | DIY

 I made this DIY last year and honestly never shared it on my blog because it is SO easy and so cheap...but I kept getting questions about it and figured the best DIYs are the simple ones. So here we go! Here is how to make your own marble tray in less than 5 minutes.

 5-Minute Marble Tray DIY
Materials: Large Rectangle Marble tile (I found mine at Home Depot), Adhesive Rubber Feet (also found at Home depot), Sand paper

Steps: Sand off any bar codes that may be on the edges of your tile using sand paper, apply rubber feet to the four corners of the tile. Optional: If your rubber feet are not sticking, use a heavy duty glue to apply.

Of course, you can get fancy and paint the edges or add handles but I'm learning I love a good simple home accessory that doesn't beg for attention but stands on its own. This marble tray allows our coffee table books, coasters and candles to have a grounding spot.

Looking for another DIY? Try this hexagon tray, this hexagon serving tray or this hexagon tile vase (can you sense a trend?!)