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Embroidered Baseball Hat | DIY

With the warm weather comes enjoying the top off the Jeep and zipping around on our moped. Although it is fun, it also leaves me with a terrible wind blown hair. I've been wanting a baseball hat to throw on but never found one I really loved. I think simpler is better, and when I found this baseball hat, I new I found a winner! With a little bit of stitching, I now have the perfect summer hat to throw on after all our adventures.
 Embroidered Baseball Hat DIY
Materials: Baseball Hat, Embroidery Thread, Needle, Scissors, Sharpie or Fabric Pen
Process: On a piece of paper draw out what you want your design to be. I settled on "OK" for Oklahoma. Draw the design on the front of your hat. Start at the inside of the hat and embroider along the design. Once you are finished, knot the thread and cut off the excess thread.

 What design would you stitch? I would love to make another with a wave pattern!


Quick Bathroom Refresh: Progress Part 1

I recently shared a game plan to give our old bathroom a refresh to hold us over until it gets a complete renovation. I've already begun making a few changes and purchasing a few things. A few weeks ago, I was really thinking about how much I disliked (read: hated) the linoleum floor and if I could change anything about it. My wheels got to turning and I googled "How to remove linoleum" and like they say...the rest is history. Well, not quite. I haven't removed all of the linoleum yet. But I do want to check in with a little progress report to share how much the bathroom has changed just from removing flooring that you hate!
 See that?! Beautiful hexagon tile that was covered up by linoleum...what a shame! I'm sure the previous owner covered it up because of the damage in the middle but we are going to replace those tiles and it will be so much better.
 There is still glue to remove, we will re-grout everything and then continue with the rest of the bathroom refresh plans!

I also removed the eye-sore of a towel rack. I don't know if you could really say it is an eye-sore since it was lucite and didn't really draw much attention, but it was gross and had a lot of rust and old paint build up that needed to go. I already bought a new towel rack we will add to the opposite wall instead.

Well, back to work! I have more linoleum to scrape off, walls to paint, fixtures to change and rugs to shop for! Have you ever removed linoleum?!


Copper & Thread Necklace | DIY

Last week, I hosted a Girl's DIY Night for a bunch of my friends to come together and make something simple, fun and useful! It was a fun night of laughter, making and you can't forget the delicious food! Check out this post for a recap of the night. I laid out bowls all down the table full of supplies for each person to make their necklace their own. I even picked up a few tricks and ideas from my friends along the way. This is a great craft for a group of people because every necklace will be different and reflect the maker!
There is no hard and fast rule to how to make these necklaces. They are so simple and versatile! One of my friends even made one to take home to her daughter so they could match! Isn't that so sweet?! Here is how to make your own copper and thread necklace:
 Copper & Thread Necklace DIY
* This DIY was inspired by Style Bee

Materials: Copper Tube, Embroidery Thread, Leather Cord, Wooden Beads, Scissors

Process: Slide your embroidery thread through the copper tube. Pull a 2 inch piece of thread from the skein of thread and cut. Fold the embroidery thread in half over the tube and tie in place. Cut through the bottom loops and trim off excess thread to make it even. Thread the leather cord though the tube and add a wooden bead. Tie a knot right over the bead. At the end, tie a knot so the necklace can simply slip over your head!

I can't wait until the next DIY night! Would you ever throw or attend a DIY night?!