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FIVE Years of Blogging | My Five Favorite Posts

Whew....five years of blogging?! Every year on this date, one of my best friends texts me to remind me its my blogiversary. I couldn't believe it when she texted me this morning (thanks, Leah!). Although my blog has definitely changed over the past 5 years and I don't get to post as much, I still love it! It is a hobby that has evolved with me, stretched me and even blossomed into a couple small businesses. Thank you so much for following along, I love sharing tutorials, my home and things I'm learning about Etsy with you!

To celebrate five years of blogging, here are my five favorite posts:
Tips On Starting Your Own Etsy Shop- I remember writing this post in response to a lot of questions I get asked about selling on Etsy. It's one of my favorite blog posts because it is when something clicked for me: I love helping people with their Etsy shop and encouraging them to take the step and open their own! 

Honeycomb Tile Vase DIY- I love this DIY because I went into it expecting it not to work...but it turned out better than I thought! 

Floral Vans Restyle- Still one of my favorites, I still have these in my closet! 

The Big Green Couch Reveal- I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to reupholster a couch as my first upholstery project ever, but somehow I made it through. If you haven't seen the before, you won't even recognize it!
Learning As I Go - I couldn't help but smile reading this post! It is all over the place, you can tell I was worn out from the holiday/wedding planning season and I like the reality of my room. I remember sleeping on a tiny part of my bed at night with boxes and leather piled at the end.  It made me remember another reason why I love blogging: to see how far I've come. So I had to include it in this list!

Do you have a favorite post from the past five years?!



Creating A Pantry From An Old Water Heater Closet | The Plan

One of the most exciting parts of our bathroom renovation is how it changed so much about the rest of our home. (PS: You'll see the bathroom reveal soon, but in the meantime here is a sneak peek) At the start of the reno, we had our water heater relocated to the outside of our house to free up a closet in our kitchen to convert into a pantry. In a small home, we are always looking for ways to maximize the space and I'm personally excited to have all of our food organized beautifully.

As you can tell by the before photo, the closet is in serious disrepair. My plan is to finish the tile on the floor and add a treatment to the walls. I thought shiplap or subway tile at first like this space, but I don't know if the space is too small for that. I think beadboard is the winner like in this pin! After the walls and floor are repaired, I would love to add an electrical outlet and light. The pantry is a small 3x3 foot space so adding a shelf for small appliances and other shelves above it for clear canisters will optimize the room we have. The bottom will be left for a basket to hold cleaning supplies!

There is currently a door on the pantry but since it is a tight space beside our refrigerator we may forgo the door and leave the pantry open or add a small sliding door so it doesn't look cluttered. Here is the design plan laid out, as you can see it will be pretty simple but change our kitchen storage drastically!

Cedar & Moss Light | Bead Board | Baskets | Clear Containers | Shelves |  Shelf Brackets | Measuring Cups

Do you have a pantry? I'd love to hear your thoughts on what I should include in the small space!

Simple Leather Napkin Ring | DIY

Last night, a group of friends and I had a potluck dinner in my backyard and I set a simple table for the event. I had extra leather on hand (perks of the business) and linen from a past project. I cut simple 12x12 linen napkins and tied them with strips of leather. Perhaps the easiest DIY ever...the hardest part is getting the materials if you don't have them already. I made 10 napkins and rings within 30 minutes, I would say that's a success!
 Simple Leather Napkin Ring DIY

Materials: Rotary cutter, cutting mat, metal ruler and 1 inch leather strips
How-To: Cut your 1 inch leather strip in half with your rotary cutter and metal ruler to keep a straight line. Cut your new leather strip into a 10 inch piece and tie in a knot around your cloth napkin! See, simple!

This project is perfect for a no-fuss table setting! What kind of summer parties do you have coming up?