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How To Print Your Own Book!

With everything going digital these days, I still have a deep affinity for paper products and notebooks. When I was in the process of creating The Shop Guide, I knew having a printed workbook would be so much more enjoyable for some students. There is just something about having a physical workbook during pivotal seasons that allows your thoughts to be more clear. Plus, it is always fun to go back and read your notes from years past.

Then I stumbled across Blurb - a website designed so you can have your own creations printed in book form (by the way, this is in no way sponsored I just had a great experience with Blurb). They have a free app you can download on your computer so designing the book is a breeze! It is fun to create each page and then format it to your book.

For The Shop Guide workbook, I chose to create a trade book which is perfect for workbook pages and writing notes. Other options include photo books, magazines, and e-books. I finished some pages for the workbook and uploaded them to see what they would look like.

After receiving my first copy, I was blown away by the quality and not to mention, it felt amazing to just hold something in my hands that I had worked so hard on. My first workbook was only 20 pages and felt a little unfinished. I took some notes on how to change the design and add more value that would go along with my online course.

I reformatted the whole book and ended up with 55 pages! I am so proud of what it turned into which goes to show your first try will never be the best - keep pushing and tweaking. I wanted to share this resource with you because I know you may have a project you're itching to make.

The best part? You can sell your book! Blurb allows you to do on-demand orders which means your up-front investment is little (if anything). Which this goes right along with passive income I'm always preaching about. You can even sell your book directly through Amazon. Crazy, right?

I even had a few questions and experienced the Blurb customer service team who were extremely helpful!

If your looking at how to print your own book, I highly recommend Blurb. The quality is so great and the design process is so easy!



Shop Talk: A Night To Talk About Selling On Etsy

In honor of launching The Shop Guide, I wanted to do something special for some local Etsy sellers here in Tulsa. I asked them to send in some questions they had about Etsy so we could talk openly about them and I could share my experience. I was blown away by the questions that were sent in and really got me thinking more about the common struggles of Etsy sellers. Gathering ten women in a room to share openly about where they were with Etsy and where they want to go was so exciting to me and made me hopeful for where these shops are going to go.

The questions were so good that I am sharing them with my Etsy tips newsletter subscribers. Be sure to get on the list to hear what we talked about. 

My favorite part of the night was when I was finished answering questions and the conversation opened to hear from their experience. We are truly better together! I got to share The Shop Guide with these ladies before anyone else which was equally nerve-wracking and encouraging. I think it actually propelled me further in my launch and helped me finish strong. I'm so thankful for these ladies!

I'm excited about meeting more Etsy sellers through nights like these and continuing the conversation. If you're building anything, going at a creative venture alone or just stuck wherever you are I highly encourage you to find community to push you further and walk alongside of you!

Special thanks to Monica Burgess for the photos, Kendall Hancock for the place cards and printables, Chelsea Beaudry for co-hosting and to Trader Joes for delicious snacks!



The Shop Guide: How To Make Consistent Sales On Etsy

If you've been following along on Always Rooney for any amount of time you may be familiar with the fact that my full-time job is selling leather travel goods on Etsy. In fact my shop was born from this simple DIY post I posted here on my blog exactly five years ago.

Along the way, I've been sharing my tips here and there on Always Rooney but today I'm excited to announce my in-depth video online course: The Shop Guide. I'm so excited to walk you through how to make consistent sales on Etsy.

I haven’t always made consistent sales, but I took every opportunity to learn and lean into my business. Every slow month became a learning experience and what I’ve discovered are strategies that help me to consistently build a life and business I love.
I never want you to experience the confusion or frustration of not knowing how to build your business. That’s why I created this course.
I wanted to create something that would have helped me expedite my own journey. I believe you deserve to turn your passion into a thriving Etsy business. And, I’d love to help you do it!
Here is why I'm excited about The Shop Guide:

  • You get to hear everything I have learned about selling consistently on Etsy through 8 in-depth video lessons.

  • The workbook is probably my favorite part because putting pen to paper is exactly when I did when I started out on Etsy. It has helped me dive deeper into my brand and shop and I know it will help you too.

  • Belonging to community is something I'm learning so much about and I think is vital for succeeding in something you're passionate about. When you join The Shop Guide you are gaining community and people to walk alongside you in your journey. I'll be there helping you along the way!

  • And lastly, selling on Etsy has been a huge blessing for my family over the past (nearly) five years. I believe you deserve to turn your passion into a thriving Etsy business too. Head to The Shop Guide to learn more about this course.