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Mother's Day Card Free Printable

My friend Sallie came to me with a fantastic idea to make a Mother's Day printable that would have space for a bouquet of felt flowers. I loved her idea and drew up a few vases for the card. I love how Sallie styled them in her Mother's Day Lunch! Head over to The Urban Acres to see how to make your own flowers and to print all four of the cards for free!


Three Simple DIY Projects You Can Try This Weekend!

Sometimes I look around our home and I'm surprised at how many things are a DIY project I did a while back. I try to be intentional about the things I make and spend my time on so they will serve a purpose. Not every DIY is a winner, but throughout the years I've made many things that I still use. Here are three tested DIY's that you can try this weekend!

1. Macrame Floral Wrap
If you have a friend you want to celebrate this weekend, go to the farmers market and pick up some fresh florals to send their way! What is better than flowers & macrame? In my opinion, nothing is.

2. Leather Sunglasses Case
I love this case! I use it every single day and have even given them as gifts and added them to my Etsy shop! You can whip this up in 15 minutes- it is the perfect summer accessory!

3. Floral Vans Restyle
I believe it has been about two years since I restyled these blank canvas vans and I still wear them! I am so surprised at how well they've held up. Sure, they don't look brand new…but I still get asked "Where did you get those?!" every time I wear them!

I hope this small roundup of DIY's gave you a little nudge to go out and make something this weekend.
Let me see what you are making by tagging @alwaysrooney and #saturDIYing on Instagram!


Wallpaper Sample Print: "Less Scrolling More Making" | DIY

 When I saw this wallpaper by Justina Blakeney (aka the Jungalow Queen) for Hygge and WestI was immediately in love! I thought long and hard about where I could put it in our home and although I was really thinking about putting it in the kitchen, I ultimately decided we aren't the type of people that can handle wallpaper due to our quickly changing minds. Plus our walls are original to the 1936 home so they have a texture to them that would have to be replaced for wallpaper. Instead, I decided to order a few samples of the beloved wallpaper and make a print instead!

 I was trying to find the perfect quote to put in my frame so I headed over to my Quotes Pinterest board. There were so many quotes I was choosing from, I kept searching and searching and the thought "less scrolling, more making" came to me. I think I needed that reminder, sometimes it is best to stop scrolling and "looking" for more inspiration when the best way to learn is to just make it. 
 I originally planned to cut out some of the letters and have the leaves overlap the letters for a look similar to this but ultimately decided simple is better. Thankfully, wallpaper is very forgiving against stickers and I didn't have trouble re-doing the print! Anyways, enough background…here is how you make your own framed wallpaper quote! 

Materials: Wallpaper sample, White one-inch sticker letters, tape, frame, right angle ruler.
Process: Plan out your quote with your stickers. Measure the size of your wallpaper sample and how many lines you'll need for your quote. Mark the lines equally measured apart. Using your right angle, place it where the first line will go and put your stickers in place to spell out your quote. Continue until your quote is finished! Then, using the tape, secure in place in the frame and hang!