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Etsy Challenge: 5 Ways To Grow Your Etsy Shop in February [+ A FREE DOWNLOAD]

Raise your hand if your Etsy sales slowed down in January...

My hand is raised high! It can be hard to generate sales during these slow seasons. I am still learning how to do this (yep, even after 3 years on Etsy). I thought it would be fun to create an Etsy Challenge each month with new ideas on how to create sales organically for your Etsy shops. I'll be joining in on the challenge, so let's do this together!

Before we get to the challenge, I want to encourage you to make a goal for this month. Write it down on paper and hang it where you will see it every day. Maybe this looks like making your first sale. Maybe it means creating a new product. It may even be to generate enough sales so you can give more this month to non-profits or causes close to your heart. Just make sure you write it down and hang it up! Click here to sign up for my Etsy e-mail list & automatically receive a February goal setting download.

5 Ways To Grow Your Etsy Shop In February

1. Have a Valentines Day sale- Is your product perfect for a Valentines day gift? Create a special sale just for this season. Make sure this sale runs in time for the buyer receives your product in time for giving it as a gift! 

2. Create a product for couples- This is the month centered around love, right?! Think about your products through that lens. Can you offer a special package deal for your buyers? For instance, I am going to offer a Mr. & Mrs. Passport Cover Set for a discounted price for this month only. This makes gifting a breeze for your customers!

3. Launch a new product- Now is the perfect time to launch a new product since things have slowed down. Pair the launch with a Valentines Day sale, and it is sure to be a hit!

4. Reach out to new influencers to work with- Make a list of people you would love to send your product to and work on crafting a pitch email or even ask if you can send them a free product. If they love it and it fits their style, they are sure to post about it. Influencers include bloggers, instagrammers, youtubers and even local businesses! Remember that partnering with one influencer that is align with your aesthetic and niche is better than 10 influencers that don't line up with your vision!

5. Change your listing tags- Etsy is essentially a search engine. Like blogs and websites, you have to work on your SEO to improve your probability buyers will find your shop in the sea of other options. Review the current tags on each of your listings. Add a few that are season geared and remove tags that aren't working for you. How do you know which tags are working for you? Check out your stats page and see what searches are converting people to your shop!

Alright, it's February 2 so we have 26 more days to see growth this month through these simple challenges. I'd love to hear how it is working for you, just comment below or leave me a comment/message on Instagram!

A Note Of Advice To Newlyweds

This post is sponsored by Bona! Today I am sharing how I truthfully use Bona products in our home  through a discussion sponsored by Bona.   

Two years ago, after Jordan and I returned from our honeymoon we sifted through our amazing wedding gifts. We found a lot of duplicate gifts and to be honest, gifts that didn't seem enjoyable. One of our gifts was an Xbox and we had the bright idea to return one of our floor cleaning gifts for games. I'm sure you know where this is going....those games went unplayed and our floors were building up so much daily beating. Especially since I work from home and crafts = messes.

Our home boasts 1930's original hardwoods and they are so beautiful! I can't believe previous owners decided to cover them with carpet (lucky us!).  I've never really been excited to clean, but in the past four or five months I have had a renewed itch to keep our home clean and preserve the hard work we have put into it as well as the original features from 1936. Returning our floor cleaning supplies that were a gift proved to be one of those funny lessons you look back on and roll your eyes about. This is when  I realized I needed a solution since we were lacking in cleaning supplies.

I had heard friends boasting about Bona in the past and with my new itch to clean, I jumped at the opportunity to try out Bona's new Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaner and Powerplus Microfiber Deep Clean Pad. Dust and dirt seems to find it's way into the smallest crevices and since using Bona's products, I've seen these original hardwoods take on a new life! I love that I can just throw the Microfiber Deep Clean Pad in the washing machine and not worry when messes make their way to the floor.

Since adding ZaZa to our family this past month, more and more unwanted dirt seems to find its way into our home. Giving the floor a sweep and good vacuuming clears the floor to allow Bona to do the hard work. Bona Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaner has a bubbling action that enhances lifts away final surface debris.

Note of advice to newlyweds: don't disregard all the gifts you see no use of at the time, you'll realize pretty quickly the gift-giver knew a thing or two you didn't ;)

I highly encourage you to see how Bona can make your lifestyle easier in the long run. Lucky for you, Bona is offering a $3 off coupon for Always Rooney readers!


2017 Home Project List

^one of my favorite projects of 2016.

2016 was full of some exciting changes to our home, but of course there is still a long list of projects for 2017! Instead of making a completely new list of projects for the new year I am going to pick up where we left off. Mainly, I am trying to work on not starting a new project until I complete what is already in front of me. Some of these are big projects and some are small, I think it is important to keep a balance of both throughout the year and hopefully we will even get to more things on my extended list!

1- Adding a master bathroom to make a master suite- this will be our largest project and it will begin any day now (insert happy dance)! Last year we almost renovated our only bathroom but we decided to put this project off until we added a master bathroom. You can see where we started a bathroom refresh here. After saving and saving and more saving, it is almost time to add an additional bathroom. This will change our home in so many ways and I can't wait! I'll be sharing our bathroom plans here soon, but for now here is where we have been gathering inspiration.

2- Hemming curtains- Last year I finally hung our curtains which I was fighting for the longest time.  I have put off hemming them since I hung them...so this is our year!

3- Refinishing our living room chairs- Jordan and I found these chairs at a local antique store for a fantastic deal. Our plan is to strip down the black paint to restore the original wood and recover the cushions with leather. I've already started working with The Leather Hide Store to find the perfect leather...oh I can't wait!
4- Built-ins flanking the fireplace- I love that our home has so much character, since it was built in the 1930s. I have always loved built-ins, I feel like they make a space seem complete and custom. Our plan is to add built-ins to match the time of our home like these

5- Create a cozy, peaceful master bedroom environment- I know this happens so much in decorating your home: your bedroom becomes neglected and isn't where you retreat to. Our living room, kitchen and dining room definitely get most of the attention since that is what our guests see. When we add a master bathroom, it will completely change our bedroom so I expect us to spend a lot more energy in decorating our room. You can see my inspiration for this space here

6- Build a pantry out of old water heater closet- This project will also come along with adding a master bathroom since we will be replacing our water heater with an outdoor tankless water heater. This will free up a closet in our kitchen for a pantry. I'm excited to make our pantry organized and functional like this.

What is on YOUR project list for 2016? I would love to follow along!