Alabama Wheat Fields

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go home to Alabama for a short but sweet trip. My sweet sweet friend Darian partnered with me to take some photos to start my blog. You'll see a lot of her work here on Always Rooney. Like the tried and true Alabamians we are, we went to the wheat fields to snap these pics. It was a great time in the Alabama heat, and these breezy shorts were perfect for the weather.
I miss Alabama, especially this time of year, going to the beach, eating lots of seafood, running to the bay...but I am coming quite acquainted with the midwest.
{Button Down: Wal-Mart/ Shirt: Urban/ Shorts: Free People/ Headband: Handmade}

Pictures taken by Darian Hill {follow her on Instagram @darianblake}

I hope your day treats you well.

P.S. Come back Saturday for a simple, wearable D.I.Y.


  1. Courtney, your sooo freakin presh!!- Seth Woodruff

  2. you are so adorable, this outfit is AMAZING!!!! its like all my favorite shops combined into one outfit! well..not walmart haha but i have that denim shirt from walmart too i love it, i like how you tied the ends off, it looks so great i'm going to have to try that out! so i guess i just meant that urban and FP are my favorite stores! and i like to make handmade things as well! :)

    i'm so glad you've decided to start a blog, i can tell already that you have impeccable style, and that your blog will be oh so lovely! i'll be looking forward to your next posts! :)


  3. such a lovely summer photos!