I really heart my...

It is true…I found this cozy chair at the salvation army and told my parents how much I loved it. After coming home one day from school, I walked in to my room and found it nestled in the corner. Ever since then it has held a place in my heart. 

A little secret about my chair is it used to smell, really smell. After a few years in my room and some treatments with baking soda...it no longer carries the musty, bitter smell. Ahhh...
 In my chair I read, nap, dream, and create. 
Pictures taken by Ari Biamonte

'I Really <3 My….' is a Monday feature on Always Rooney, every Monday I'll share something I really love, for my first post I had to write about my favorite chair.

What are YOU currently loving at the moment?



  1. you look so cute in that pictures! Love them :)

  2. CUTEEE i love this, and such a fun feature! love your top! is that a necklace or is it connected to the top?? it looks really cool!