Weekend Inspiration

With the long weekend almost over, here is a little inspiration that I hope you keep with you during your Memorial Day activities. Summer itself is such an important time to practice this, collecting moments & memories with the people around you and not stocking up on the things in life that don't carry meaning.  

I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day filled with fun, friends, relaxing & memories.


Graphic designed/doodled by me, I do not know who wrote this quote, just saw it and thought it was the perfect amount of simple. 


  1. Amazing inspiration, soo true! ;)
    You have a cute blog/style..
    Wanna follow eachother? Let me know!!


  2. i love this, thanks for sharing!!

    and yeah my blue comes out all the time, i have to redue it like every few months...before i did it this time it was like..almost grey looking from the bleach haha it was bad. what dye did you use?? i found one that lasts longer than most, i dyed it last summer with the streak and used some brand from walgreens {not sure if you have one of those} but then i went to ulta and got one called punky colour, it works really well and it's much more vibrant i really like it, you should try it!!