Floral Heels & Vans

 I'm pretty short and I love heels. Most of the time when I wear heels people think I'm crazy and my feet must hurt but honestly…if I could, I would wear heels everyday…but I'm a nanny and that requires playing in the creek, playing basketball, long boarding and rope swinging- all in which require tennis shoes or no shoes at all. 

Other than heels I love vans, I have a couple pairs and the ones I'm wearing here are my favorite: floral + vans…you can't go wrong. 
Some days I carry both heels & vans in my car for a quick change.
Photo credit: Arielle Biamonte
 It has been a busy week, a long list of "to-dos" sits on my iPhone waiting to be checked off, one of which is to unpack from camp which is my least favorite. Maybe today will be the day!