Handpiece & Dainty Knuckle Rings DIY

Heres a two-in-one DIY for this summery Saturday. I have had a love for hand pieces for a while now, honestly I didn't even think to call them a "handpiece" until Free People did an article on their blog about them (read it here!). Before the article I just referred to them as "ring connected to a bracelet bracelet" (ha!). Since I had a love for them that was from afar and could never find them while shopping, I decided making a hand piece was the way to go!
Materials needed: chain, wire clasps, beads of your choice, round needle pliers, wire cutter
>>>Measure chain around wrist, keep it loose you can tighten it later. Connect bracelet with clasps. 
>>>Cut off 5 links of the chain to connect to one side of your bead and about 20 to connect to the other side. 
>>>Connect chain from bead to bracelet chain & wear!

I've also made a hand piece out of hemp and beads, so mix up your mediums and try out different things!
This is an easy DIY you can finish in less than 10 minutes!

 Materials needed: 18 gauge wire, wire cutters, round needle pliers, something round to measure ring (like a pen or chapstick)
>>>Wrap wire around your chopstick bottle or pen, whatever you find lying around that is about the same size as your knuckle.
>>>Cut wire
>>>Use round nose pliers to fold wire around each other.
>>>If the ends of the wire is rough, use a nail file to smooth the wire. 

The perfect way to keep your fingers pretty this summer is a dainty gold ring. Stack them or wear them separately. I love this combination of dainty rings & a hand piece because it is so effortless..perfect for the beach.

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  1. That's so pretty! I've had my eye on a few of these on Etsy but always wanted to try making one for myself. I love the stone you used.

    1. It is super simple and easy to create into the perfect hand piece you want! I've made a few, one with hemp and it was a wrap around that I really like too.
      Thanks for checking out Always Rooney:)

  2. This is SO SO cool! Love it!