New Friends

I've had Always Rooney up and running for a month now and I didn't have any friends with blogs until just a few days ago! I met Sein at camp and we instantly became friends. She is a talented photographer and her blog Sein box focuses on her photography and some fashion. Yesterday we went to shoot some photos and got to talk about blogging and bounce ideas off each other, needless to say it was so fun and there will be more blog dates in the future!
EDIT: here is a doodle I did of Sein & Me!

Blogging can be difficult to go at alone, without having anyone to talk to about it or figure things out by yourself, so I'm thankful now I have at least one person to do that with:) I'm looking forward to learning more and meeting more blogging friends! 

How did you come about blogging? Did you start alone without any blogger friends or with support and tips from other bloggers? I'd love to hear your story on this.
Go to Sein's blog here.


  1. I opened mine yesterday & am so lost at where to begin with followers. I don't have a single friend with a blog so I'm stuck! Hoping to draw people in somehow though.

  2. Awe thats great that you found someone to share ideas with. I started mine a little over a month ago. Just decided one day I was going to do it and jumped.I don't know anyone else that does so I had no idea what I was doing. I even considered taking it down and then all of a sudden one day I got A FOLLOWER.lol I've met some pretty cool ladies since!

  3. aw this is so fun, thats so great that you found a blogging friend! i love the doodle you made, that's awesome!! did you do that on the computer or draw it?

  4. I started blogging in December, but I haven't really "dug in" until recently. I don't have any blogging friends at the moment, but a few of my friends are talking about starting blogs after hearing me talk about it :)
    I absolutely love your blog. You are so cute and your branding and photography is spot on!

  5. Just happened across your blog through Telling Oceans. It is so inspiring! I've been working on my blog for awhile now and looking for a blog buddy as well. That's great you found one. :) I just moved to the Midwest and am excited to start blogging about that. Here's my link >> http://foreverdelighted.blogspot.com/ Oh, and I love Jesus too. :)