Printed Headband DIY

I want to share a quick and easy DIY with you today. I am a strong believer in headbands, and this one is so simple you can make a few in just 30 minutes!
Materials needed: suede (any fabric will do), paint, scissors, hot glue, hair tie

1. Measure all the way around your head with a strip of fabric and cut, then cut 2 inches wide
2. Cut down the middle, leaving the ends together.
3. Paint! Use your creativity:)
4. Cut fabric at ends to make a smaller strip (see picture)
5. Hot glue strip around hair tie & repeat on other side

Do you hate it when a DIY doesn't come out like you hoped? Well a couple weeks ago I thought I came up with the best idea, so I went to try it and it did not turn out like I thought it would at all….so back to the drawing boards;) I am currently a leader at camp this week, so after that I will hopefully solve the answer to my diy problem.



  1. This is really cute! I'll make sure to try this! :)