Ways to add some summer to your bike

Riding my simple, nothing-to-it, basic cruiser is one of my favorite things, so I whipped out some ideas for simple ways to summer-ize your bike. All are fun and simple ideas that can be easily removed from your bike just in time for fall (I'll be back with fall ideas!). 
Floral Bike Basket:
Materials needed: jute rope, artificial flowers, flower tape
1. Starting in the back of your basket (leave a tail for a knot), wrap your rope a few times around to measure how long you want the rope.
2. Place small pieces of flower tape on areas you would like to put the flowers (this may need to be adjusted when you lay your flowers out)
3. Untie rope and lay flat, take small sections of flowers and wrap flower tape around it to secure to the rope.
4. Wrap finished rope around basket and tie, now you have a flower basket!

Paint Stirrer Bike Basket:
So easy & cheap! I picked my paint stirrers up at Lowes and didn't worry about the writing being on the outside, I like the old crate look it gave the basket.
Materials needed: paint stirrers (16), hot glue or wood glue (your preference), wood stain, 2 old belts or old basket fasteners, large wire cutters (or a way to cut a few paint stirrers)
1. First, cut 10 paint stirrers at the beginning of the "divet". I just drew a line and cut with wire cutters, paint stirrers are thin..so heavy duty scissors can work as well.
2. Take one full length paint stirrer and one cut paint stirrer and glue at a 90 degree angle, do this again and join the two angles together to make a rectangle. Repeat 3 times.
3. On one of the rectangles take 4 paint stirrers and lay them flat across to make a bottom for your basket.
4. Glue a paint stirrer on each corner of the bottom rectangle, then slide the next rectangle on top and glue in place, then again for the last rectangle.
5. Stain your basket with wood stain! The color I used is "Cherry Chestnut" (courtesy of my brother-in-law). I think it would also be a great idea to spray paint your basket a bright color! 
6. Secure your basket to your bike with two cut belts or old basket fasteners! 

Bike Mustache:
Add a fun element to your bike, this mustache was a gift from a friend along with my bike bell! (similar found here )

Today I'll ride my bike to the fabric store and the farmers market. I'll leave you with a short video of me casually riding my bike ;)

Comment with your own pictures of your summer-y bike!


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