Dip Dye & Cut out Lace Dress DIY

For some time now I've been wanting to dye this dress. This summer I have gathered quite the collection of white lace from dresses to shirts to shorts...I decided I have to cut myself off. Dying is a technique that can come out way different from your original plan, so I suggest when dying not to be discouraged if it doesn't come out like you hoped but to see what you can make out of your dyed item. I bought navy dye for this dress and planned for it to get darker at the bottom...obviously it turned out gray and all the same shade (I believe this is because of the fabric and I did not add salt). But I love the end dip dye result!

Before. This is the front, I cut the tag off and turned it around for a higher neckline to balance the lower back cut out.

Materials needed: White Dress you would like to dye, Dye of your color choice, Bucket

Prepare Dye in bucket as instructions say, put dress on hanger and dip in bucket submerging until the desired area you want to be dyed is covered. Let soak in bucket (I rigged a system to let the hanger set on a push pin so I didn't have to hold the dress) for as long as packet instructs (I soaked mine for a total of 30 minutes). Wash & dry as packet instructs.

This part was a little nerve-wracking, but don't be nervous because I tested it out first;). Cut a straight line down the middle of the back of the dress to where you want your cut out to end, I suggest trying it on and placing a pin where you want the lowest point to be...I placed it right above the elastic waist.

Fold slit under on each side at an angle making a "V" shape. Sew & Wear! (I hand sewed this, it only took about five minutes).

I'm so pleased with how this dress turned out and I can't wait to wear it!


*The back of this dress was inspired by this dress from Urban Outfitters.  

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  1. Courtney, i love this idea! i cant wait to try it on a high low dress i have been wanting to spice up!! YAY:)

  2. You are so creative, it's crazy!! Absolutely love this idea and the way yours turned out. So awesome :)