Home Part I

During my visit home to Alabama, today I went to the beach with my friends Leah and Darian. Sadly it was overcast and raining but we had such a great time getting inspired by the salty air and watching the dolphins jump in and out of the water. We brought our longboards and took pictures all day. Days like these leave me inspired and anxious to work on projects. 

{photos taken by me, leah gwin (instagram: @leahgwin) & darian hill (instagram: @darianblake}

Even though the weather wasn't the best, we made the best of the day. A chill day at the beach was just what I needed. 

Check back Thursday to see what we wore to the beach!




  1. amazing pics! you all look flawless =) our republic seems so boring now =D

  2. really nice pictures!! :) what camera do you use?