The Weekend

Some weekends are better than others, this past weekend was full of fun and exciting things. First, Moonrise Kingdom by Wes Anderson finally came to town so instead of driving a few hours, I got to see it locally. It was all that I hoped the movie would be and more, so quotable and hilarious. If you haven't yet I suggest you go see it as soon as you can! Click photo below for movie preview.
Then, The Color Run happened. Again it was all I hoped and more! If you haven't heard about it, the color run is a traveling 5k tour that goes to different cities and holds a fun run. With each city, a different charity is chosen to give to and for Kansas City, The Color Run donated to the Ronald McDonald House. This 5k is not timed, and I feel it was perfect for my first 5k because it wasn't intimidating…people were there to have a good time, not to compete (not saying I don't love a good competition). 15,000 people gathered on Sunday dressed in white and by the end of their 5k run/walk were drenched in color. Check out the Color Run's website to see if they are coming near you. I'm already planning to do it again!
Finally, last night I went to see the band Eisley. I'm not a music enthusiast in any way, but when I found out Eisley was coming to town I immediately knew I had to go! So I went, I am a fan of their old stuff more than the new, but they put on a great show. 
Here is a sneak peak of what I wore..an official outfit post is to come soon. 
*Pictures taken & edited on iPhone app vsco cam
Thanks for letting me share about my weekend, I don't normally do this but it was a great weekend.

So…how was yours? Do you have any exciting fourth of July plans?



  1. love love love your outfit in the last picture!! so pretty.

    1. Aw thank you! Thursday I'll put an official post up:)


    2. Ironically I just joined the Memphis runners club yesterday to prepare for 5ks, specifically the color run! So this update is definitely motivating. Also, I can't wait for the outfit post! That skirt looks adorable.

      xoxo, Polly

    3. The Color Run is a great way to start, I ran the whole thing but a lot (the majority) of people just walked!

      Thank you:)


  2. love your blog ! <3

  3. That seems like an awesome weekend! I'm jealous! We don't celebrate the 4th of July, so I just cut my hair and spent the whole night with friends :) but no regrets, I love it!