5 Ways to Style a T-Shirt

5 Ways To Wear a T-Shirt from courtney kennedy on Vimeo.

I'm not much of a T-shirt wearer, but being and college and a nanny sometimes not wearing a t-shirt is not an option when chasing kids around and promoing for your (favorite) school. Sometimes a T-shirt is the only option, and thats a-okay because today I'm sharing with you five ways to style a t-shirt!


Look One: Super laid back, but a step up from the usual "jeans and a T-shirt" 

Look Two: A romper is perfect for running around and you can still show off your T-shirt without hiding it completely!

Look Three: Layering a T-shirt over a maxi gives the illusion of a skirt and a denim vest balances it all out

Look Four: Still keeping things casual, I styled my T-shirt with some ripped jeans and a belted button up

Look Five: Layering a T-shirt over a dress can look sloppy, so I tied it in the front to add some definition.

I hope the week is treating you well, summer is winding down but I'm going to take full advantage of the last few weeks I have left. 

How do you like to style your t-shirt? Share below! 


*T-Shirt is from my school, JRLC




  1. yes! this is amazing. definitely going to look for this once i start school. i don't shop often and really need some good variations on how to wear the same clothes, only different ways! thanks so much :)

  2. Cute!! Look three is my favorite.

  3. Ohh, i love looks three and four! Thanks for the great ideas!