Beach style {what we wore}

{Photo above by Darian Hill taken on her sweet film camera}

Dressing to go to the beach is so simple, grab a breezy cover up or some shorts and a shirt and you are well on your way to the relaxing beach. Today, Leah, Darian and I are sharing what we wore to the beach and why we love the beachy style that is so effortless.


{Vest: Century 21 in NY, Bikini: Express, Shorts: Thrifted DIY, Shoes: Urban}

"I love hippy, beachy style that everyone is sporting at music fests this year. It's so carefree and fits the laid back atmosphere of the beach." -Leah

{Shirt: boutique in CA, Shorts: Goodwill, Hat: F21, Backpack: Roxy, Jewelry: American Eagle & gifts from my godmother}

"I like how the beach style feels so carefree. You know the loose shirts, ripped shorts, wavy hair and lots of bracelets. Its got a down to  earth feel which I think describes me well as a person." -Darian


What I bring to the beach: sandals, sunglasses, a book, backpack, beach bag, studded shorts & loose tshirt


{photo credit: Darian}

Out of the countless number of times I've been to the beach, this was one of my favorite days because we made the most of the day instead of turning around to head home when we saw the dark sky. It rules to have friends with such awesome style and I'm glad I got to share some of their easy-going style with you!



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  1. awesome pictures! i love your blog. :)