Brights & Neutrals

So the story about these pants goes a little like this: The goal was a light mint, I was impatient and didn't buy the correct shades of dye and compromised with an aqua blue thinking "hey...they may fade if I just leave them in the dye bath for a minute or two" Yeah..that didn't work out. They were originally white and now they are a bright blue, not what I was hoping for but I still whip them out now and then to pair with some neutrals. I've grown a liking for them.

I love routines, in the next few weeks I will finally be back to a routine. I don't mind it getting off track but to have a foundation helps me be so much more productive...and I love productivity!

Do you like routines or rather not have much to do?



  1. I love routines too! That must be why we're best friends......

  2. I'm not really one for routines. I like to shake things up. Different things keep me going and keep me feeling fresh. Love the outfit. Alwaysrooney is such an inspiration. Keep up the good work! :)

  3. These are still cute even though they didn't go quite according to plan! :)
    I'm definitely a routine kind of person. I'm in my first week of the school year so I'm not in my routine yet and it's driving me absolutely crazy!


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