Rock Climbing Hold Mug DIY

After seeing a picture of a crimp hold mug online I decided to make my own! Heres a few steps on how I put it together. I decided to make two mugs for my boyfriend, Brandon since he climbs.

You need a mug, hammer, rounded file, loctite epoxy putty, and rock climbing crimps/holds {I found mine on Amazon for pretty cheap!} 
Knock the handle off your mug, this should just take one or two hits because most mugs are made from two seperate pieces

 File down your mug and the climbing hold, forming it more to the shape of the mug
Follow the directions on the epoxy putty package to prepare it, then apply to mug and climbing hold. 

Pour in some coffee or tea and enjoy:)

This project is so easy to make a set of, I ended up making two because I ran out of putty. If you are looking to make a set of four you may need more epoxy putty!

I hope you are having a great Saturday, I ran my second 5K this morning and I'm feelin good!


*You can purchase this DIY by emailing me at always.rooney@gmail.com


  1. brandon looks sooo happy! best girlfriend award!! :)
    ps. are they dishwasher safe?

  2. Neat idea!
    & congrats on the 5K!

  3. I haven't tried the dishwasher yet, but on the epoxy putty package it said its water resistant...so it should be safe!

  4. Cute boyfriend. Cute mug!

  5. I rock climb, and I am totally going to do this!

  6. you can get a pre-made mug that is similar on www.cruxmugs.com

  7. The pictures aren't loading. Can you fix them?

    1. The pictures are fixed, they messed up when I changed layouts! Thanks for pointing that out:)

  8. Mmmh, question. is that easy to take off the mug handle? Because I have this awesome BB8 mug that I want to customize this way and I would cry my eyes out if it broke while trying to remove the handle.