Fall Window Shopping

As sad as it is to say, summer has come to a close and I can already feel fall in the air. I like the coziness of fall, but I don't like the bitter winter so I am hoping it will stay for a while. With the seasons changing I am on the hunt for some new closet staples and fun pieces as well. Here are five pieces I will be incorporating into fall this year:

Floppy Brim Hat: Not too big, and not too small. Finding the perfect hat is kind of tough but I am hoping to find one in a taupe shade.

Rounded Sunnies: Even though summer isn't here anymore doesn't mean you have to put away the sunglasses! I'm looking for some that are slightly rounded and that are tortoise shell too.

Elbow Patches: I LOVE elbow patches! I have a sweater or two with some patches already but I'll be sewing some on my shirts and cardigans this fall.

New Watch: If you haven't noticed I wear the same watch all.the.time. I have had it for two years now but I just love that I don't have to take it off since it is water proof. If only I could find a tortoise shell or gold watch that is fashionable and waterproof.

Layered Gold Necklaces: I'm looking for necklaces in all shapes and lengths so I can mix things up.

Printed denim: Even though I wore floral jeans in the summer, it seems more practical for the fall so I won't be burning up. I want to pair them with chunky sweaters and boots.


What are you shopping for this fall?




  1. Hey! I love reading your blog!
    I just thought I'd let you know that you can get printed denim at American Eagle! They have really cute stuff thats muted for fall!(:

  2. Make a tutorial for patches on sweaters!!!!!!

  3. this is such a cute post, i love how you made the doodles, and they look so good! if i tried to doodle on the computer like that...pretty sure it would look like a 2 year old did it haha. and i've been wnting some floral jeans as well and i found some at a resale shop from urban outfitters brand new with the tags on them for $30! i don't usually spend that much on one item, but they were perfect, i love them! i hope you find some too!!