Feather Nail & String Art | DIY Inspiration

I have been longing to make nail art to hang in my apartment, our walls are pretty bare and I needed something to go above my kitchen table that I made and this feather nail art just seemed to be the perfect fit! This isn't a step by step tutorial because there are so many out there that are easy to follow like this one from JK JK. Here is how I made mine: 

I bought a piece of wood that was pre-cut from Home Depot (one of my favorite stores!), 2" nails, and crochet string. I used a hammer and paint I already had. First I painted the wood with a light coat, let it dry and used a pencil to draw an outline of a feather. I then took a hammer and nails and then nailed it into where I drew the outline. After I finished with the nails, I took crochet string and wrapped it all around all of the nails in a pattern going back and forth. 

A few things I learned about nail and string art that may help you on your endeavors to make something like it:

-Dont use long nails, 2" should be long enough.

-Depending on your image, you can wrap the string randomly or in a pattern. I chose a pattern so that it would be easier to tell it was a feather

-If not painting the wood, try using a bright colored string, and even different colors.
-This is a very simple project and doesn't take as long as you would think so have fun and try out different patterns!  

I found these medium bulb lights at Goodwill still in the package for $2 and decided it was great to frame my nail and string art with it!

I hope my experiences with nail and string art can encourage and inspire you to make your own! I'd love to see so be sure to share:)

What's coming up on Always Rooney: pretty pictures of a friend, a fun recipe from a friend, and my thoughts on blogging and doing what you love.