Polka Dot Bleach Jeans DIY

Floating around on Pinterest are some very nice polka dotted jeans, so of course I had to make some for my self! I used bleach instead of paint and made the dots not-so-perfect because I think that fits my style a little better;) Read on to see how you can make your own Polka Dotted Jeans!


Materials: Bleach (I couldn't find a bleach pen, so I used the liquid, you can use a bleach pen if you can find one!), Cup, Round Sponge brush, Jeans (Found mine at Forever 21 for $10)

Pour bleach into cup and dip sponge size of your choice, I used the smallest sponge. Start at the bottom and work your way up creating one and a half inch between rows of dots. The pattern I used was three on a row then two on a row then repeat.

After placing dots all over your pants, let air dry for an hour. I repeated the dotting process about three times to make the dots very light, almost reaching a white! Rinse out bleach and place in washer and dryer alone. 


This was so simple to do and only took about thirty minutes plus drying time! 

It is finally raining in the midwest, so I have no complaints of staying in and working on an exciting new project! 




  1. GOSH!!! That is sooo awesome!!!

  2. LOVE these Courtney! They are great!

  3. I did this DIY over the weekend and they turned out SO perfect. I'm absolutely in love with bleached denim!