Stamped Scarf DIY & How to Style It

The old eraser as a stamp trick is a good one and comes in handy a lot. Learn to make this scarf printed with triangles (or the design of your choice) and then keep reading to make it an infinity scarf!

Materials: Scarf (I got mine at Wal Mart), White paint, Exacto knife, eraser

Draw your shape or design on the eraser, cut around it using the exacto knife

Dip your stamp into your paint and repeat for the rest of the scarf

Lastly, to style it...

I learned this trick from my friend Kaitlyn, tie the fringe of the scarf together at the ends and it makes a huge circle you can wrap around twice! 

I love the simplicity of this scarf and how versatile it can be and the fullness of it! 

Keep it simple this Saturday, I will be trying to take things slow because I have a busy busy week ahead.





  1. Tying the ends of a scarf together!! I've never thought of that..genius!

  2. OMG! You are so amazing like how do you even think of these things?! You need a tv show or something! I love all your stuff!

  3. I did circles & it looks like a polka dot scarf! i love it!

  4. Me neither! It feels so simple, i almost can't believe i didn't think of it before!

  5. I'd love to see! Tweet/Facebook me a pic:)

  6. I love that scarf!!:):?
    Thanks for this blog!!

  7. okay, i love this, it's so cute and a fun way to make a plain scarf more exciting! i'm totally going to do this! tying the ends of the scarf-genius hahaha. pinned this :)