The Beginning of Fall

Annnnnd the light fall weather is now upon us. Yesterday was my first official day in some fall-like clothes. I'm not ready to dive into any scarves or thick sweaters, I want to do that when the weather is appropriate. So I just kept it simple here with some jeans and a button down and my favorite moccasins. I guess I can't run from the fall but only embrace it as it comes.

I love these Minnetonka moccasins I got last year at Urban, I didn't put too much use into them last year so I'm hoping to wear them in a little more this year, I am also thinking of getting a pair of moccasin boots like these in black!

This summer, my boyfriend gave me this book and the idea is to fill it once a day in the labeled area with a sketch (in my mind I only doodle). I did it a couple times this summer but this past week I have been carrying it around everyday filling it up with sketches/doodles that I hope to turn into other things. I will share the inside with you soon!

{Shirt: Wal Mart (old)//Pants:Forever 21 (here)//Moccasins: Minnetonka (similar)//Necklace: Handmade//Ring: Target}

Well...a glorious Thursday it is, I hope you are enjoying the fall weather wherever you are!







  1. Love your outfit! By the way, your hair is so AWESOME!

    Here is my blog if you would like to check it out!



  2. yay fall attire, i loveee fall! you look cute, i really like your pants! And that sketchbook is awesome, i love that! where'd he get it? I have a book like that but it's one photo a day for a year! I love it, but it's kind of hard to print out a picture every day to put in there ya know? I don't ever really print pictures anymore, I just have them all on my laptop or phone. But this one sketch day is awesome, i love to doodle!