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While at the Designed for Life Women's conference this past weekend, Christine Caine was a guest speaker and shared some about her campaign to abolish injustice in human trafficking. As I sat amongst 4,000 other women and watched a short video filled with statistics and truths about the human trafficking crime all over the world my heart raced and felt compelled to do something. These statistics weren't just numbers to me while I was engaged in this video, they spoke out to me. I sat there and immediately knew I had to use this small platform that I have on Always Rooney and share with you about the A21 campaign.

Human Trafficking is the second largest organized crime in the world, generating approximately 31.6 BILLION dollars a year. Specifically, sex trafficking generates 27 BILLION dollars a year. Only one to two percent of these victims are rescued and only 1 in 100,000 are convicted. This isn't just happening in countries other than America, it is a crime in every nation. The A21 Campaign's goal is to: Prevent people from being trafficked, protect and support those being trafficked, prosecute traffickers and partner with law enforcement, service providers and community members to provide a comprehensive front against trafficking.*

It can be so easy to fall into a comfortable, mundane lifestyle not caring about the millions of people around us that are being trafficked all around the world. I know I do. I hope that you don't just look at these numbers as another statistic but a soul that is hurting, broken and suffering. This isn't anything to take lightly. The A21 Campaign has been working since 2007 to bring awareness and fight against the root of the problem: vulnerable girls and paying clients. This may seem impossible to most, to completely abolish the second largest crime in the world but I believe the more we spread the news, give, and most importantly pray we will see the "impossible" unfold and diminish before us.

What I'm Asking:

I'm asking you to do a few things with me..first is to join with me to support The A21 Campaign to abolish injustice all over the world. This is a campaign that is active and fearlessly going against this crime to see it completely gone. Second, I'm asking you to give to A21 to support all their efforts to eliminating human trafficking. Third, I'm asking you to share this post to everyone you know so more people can find out about this campaign. I think we have all seen the power of something going viral and what really needs to go viral,so people can be a part,is the A21 Campaign website.  Finally, I'm asking you to pray. Pray for the leaders of this campaign, for open doors and favor and most importantly for everyone enslaved to trafficking. This is a huge issue but lets not see it as just another statistic.

"United we stand, divided we fall. Our core values rest upon the collaborative efforts of those in the fight against trafficking. Together we are stronger than when we are separate." -The A21 Campaign Website

This campaign has really been on my heart and I hope that you feel the weight of it. Let's bring awareness and see the impossible, in our human eyes, be possible through Jesus! 


*Statistics and information isfrom The A21 Campaign website. 


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