Blanket Carrier | DIY

Here is a fun project that is perfect for fall! A blanket carrier is perfect for picnics, football games, and taking your favorite blanket on the go. This project is so simple and I was surprised at the short amount of time it took to put together. 

1. Materials needed: 1 yd. Twill canvas ribbon, Faux leather, 4 D rings, and E6000 glue

2. Roll up your blanket and measure the length around, then cut two strips the width of your D ring. Repeat for one more strip and cut in half. You will have 4 strips total

3. Take two D rings and put leather through, glue leather ends together and place a weight on top to dry. On the opposite end of the leather strip, cut a point. 

4. With one of the half strips, lay across long strips and make the shape of an H. Glue down and lay one end of twill ribbon on top and glue. Repeat for opposite side.

5. Place last half strip on top and glue down, don't pull it tight you want it to make a handle. 

6. To reinforce the glue, add just a few stitches to the corners of the handle. 

* Secure blanket inside carrier and take your blanket to your next event!

This is a great DIY for the fall weather that is rolling in rather quickly! So get ready to bundle up in your favorite blankets:)