How To Make Your iPad A Second Screen

I recently mentioned that I use my iPad mainly as a second computer screen, today I'll show you how!

Using the app Air Display connecting your computer and iPad is so simple. You just purchase the app on your iPad and then set both to the same wifi or you can set up your own network on your computer that does not require wifi. Your screens will automatically connect. Having a second screen can make you more productive and allow you to draw directly on the screen, that is how I write on my pictures! I drag my photoshop window over to my iPad and can see exactly what I'm writing on which makes it more clear than using a writing tablet. You can write on your photos using any program that has a brush or drawing capabilities.

Hopefully this small tech tutorial can help you out and make you more productive! Have a great day:)




  1. how do you write on your photos? Do you use a certain program? I'd love some insight - there's already an ipad laying around my house so if I don't have to invest in some sort of tablet to draw on photos, that'd be the best!
    ps love your new header with the slice of wood, it looks lovely :)

  2. Hi Tori,
    When I write on my pictures I use photoshop, you can use any program that has a brush or capabilities to write on photos by mouse but it is easier with the second screen because you can do it by hand! I use my iPad instead of spending money on a tablet because you can see what you are drawing on directly!