iPad Stand | DIY

I use my iPad mostly as a second screen to my computer or to watch Netflix. It helps to have it standing up, so I remembered a while back I saw this post by Design Sponge  using scrap wood to make an iphone stand. Using some inspiration from that I made this iPad stand..

After grabbing your wood, tape, rope, and spray paint cut your wood to a square measuring one foot by one foot. Cut four thick strips of wood to one foot long for the back frame. Now cut two thinner pieces of wood that is one foot long for the ledge to hold your iPad.

Take the four thick strips of wood and glue them together to make a wood frame. Glue the thinner wood panels to the front of the one ft by one ft piece making a ledge, secure this with nails. Drill holes on all four corners of one by one square and frame. Paint the stand to color of your choice, I think putting a wood stain on it would look nice as well. Finally, tie rope through wood square and frame tightly, this will make a hinge. Tie rope through the bottom holes leaving slack and tie on the other side of the frame.

Using my iPad as a second screen, this stand has been really helpful. Later this weekend I will be back with info and a quick tutorial on how to use your iPad as a second screen connected to your computer.

A special thanks to my brother-in-law, Aric, for helping me out and letting me use his tools. He came up with the great idea of using the rope for the hinge.

Hope you have a great weekend!