Nothing Is New Under the Sun


The phrase "nothing is new under the sun" really hit home with me when I first started blogging a few months ago. It can be frustrating and even funny when I have a whole list of ideas I want to do and then see someone else do it before I get to that "to-do" on my list.  So blogging, to me, isn't about being the person with the newest and most innovative ideas, yes I want to be original, but be original in the way I go about things! People will be inspired by passion that isn't caught up in having to have 100 percent original ideas because frankly: nothing is new under the sun. And above all don't let that hold you back from doing what you love, that is enough to inspire people in a world that is scared to get out and actually do things they enjoy. I'm enjoying my journey of blogging and sharing what I love with you.

How do you feel about the phrase "nothing is new under the sun" ?