Relax, Read, & Simplify

I apologize for being so quiet around Always Rooney the past few days, I took a trip home to my hometown, Fairhope. This weekend was just what I needed: a relaxing weekend with family and friends. I have lots to share with you this week, so things won't be as quiet on Always Rooney. 

While on my trip, I caught up on a book I've been trying to finish for a while, and it is a habit I'm trying to implement in my life more. I find it difficult because I like to multi-task and reading is focusing on one thing, on the words on a page. I think it forces me to simplify things and who doesn't love cozying up in a hammock with a good book?! The book I am reading right now has been so inspiring and challenging. Do you have any suggestions for a great book? 

I'm working on some changes to the look of Always Rooney (finally) but some things are a slow process so if things get a little messy, I apologize. 

I'll be back later today and later this week to share some things with you, I hope you are enjoying your week.


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  1. I love your new layout! And your hometown looks so beautiful, wow :)