That Cheap Furniture

Recently, my sister and brother in law launched a business that I am amazed by. It was really awesome to see the beginning idea and how it has evolved and then launched into something great.That Cheap Furniture is a new furniture business aimed at selling inexpensive and quality pieces of furniture for your home. Not only is it going to last and be REAL wood (because frankly, that bookcase of yours is probably made out of particleboard) but it is ridiculously cheap, with prices competing with Ikea. Plus, there is free shipping... which is always a reason to buy something in my book.  Another awesome thing about TCF is they name all of their collections after a family member (maybe I'll get lucky one day!). That Cheap Furniture is launching another collection of furniture pieces in a week, so be sure to check it out and maybe it will be the missing item on your Christmas list. I love supporting small businesses, and find it hard to say no to quality businesses like this one. Head on over to their website to find out more about their story and see all their furniture they have so far!

I am always blown away by the things Aric & Alex make, they always help me out on technical projects for Always Rooney and I think That Cheap Furniture is such a great business to allow people to have quality pieces of furniture in their home, or as I like to call it: "say no to particleboard!"

If you are one of the first 1,000 followers on twitter or facebook you could win a piece from their first collection, the Elliot Collection!

I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday so far!


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