Wooden Mirror | DIY

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I have very bare walls at my apartment, and few things are worse than those eggshell textured apartment walls it doesn't have the clean look like clean white walls so the best thing to do is make something to take someone's attention away from them. I whipped up this mirror in less than 15 minutes
Materials needed: Wood (availible at your local craft store, or you can chop it from a tree stump), round mirror, leather strap, E-6000 glue, screws, screwdriver1. Start by screwing in leather to wood with screwdriver, I didn't have to punch a hole in the leather first because the screw is strong enough to go through. 2. Glue mirror down to wood3. Hang and decorate with wildflowers or feathers!  I attached mine with washi tape. Decorate your mirror to your liking, I think I may change it up once in a while adding flowers or encouraging notes as time goes by. -Courtney


  1. That is such a great idea! I really love using wood as decorative pieces!

  2. Such a clever and adorable idea! Love this! <3

    x, Alyssa

  3. This is really clever and simple. I love this!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  4. Oh I love the simplicity and natural beauty of this mirror!