Lace Skirt Restyle | DIY

Do you ever have projects on your list for what seems like forever but can't find the perfect materials? Well this skirt was one of those projects. I came across this skirt at my local goodwill and even though it was ten sizes too big (like most thrift find instances) I snatched it up to restyle. This project is perfect if your skirt is not the right length and you want to make it a little longer.
Materials: Sewing machine, skirt, lace

First, try on your skirt and measure where you want your lace stripes. I placed a mark at my knee first then further down near my calf. Then, lay out your skirt on the floor and cut across where you marked. Pin your lace in place between strips of your skirt and sew. So simple!

 I love the turn out, and I also love it knotted. What are your weekend projects looking like?



  1. ohhh, i love this idea! totally trying it.

  2. I have been wanting to do this EXACT thing for the LONGEST time! But like you said, could never find the right material...

  3. This is so so smart! One of my close friends is so so tall, and her maxi's never fit, so I should totally do this for her birthday coming up! Thanks for such a good idea!

    Juliette Laura

  4. SO CUTE!!! why have i never thought of this, i love it!! yours turned out so great! i usually make it shorter if the length is longer, i've never thought to add fabric and make it longer! loveeee, you are so creative!

  5. I love how pretty and simple this project is! Maxi skirts = my favorite.