Sun Hat Restyle | DIY [video]

Here is a simple DIY to get you (even more) in the mood for spring.

Ok, ok...so it is a joke, I'm not attempting to bring yarn fringe hats in style. If you succeed, let me know how that goes.

I've learned to not take yourself too seriously. I enjoy working and serving, but having fun is a top priority. I forget that sometimes. I don't know about you but ever since I have had a blog I get little witty jokes thrown at me from friends, family, & strangers about it. I guess it isn't 100% completely normal. I used to get discouraged by the jokes but you know what...it is good to laugh at yourself and have fun with what you do. So...happy April fool's day. This month has a lot in store and I can not wait!

For all of you that were hoping for a cute diy, I have one coming to you later this week I think you will enjoy. For now, if you are itching to restyle a hat, you can check out a different hat diy I did here.

Did you prank anyone today?


  1. You're too cute :) I was watching this and just thinking "no, no this can't be serious." Haha :) Hey, some bloggers really do DIYs like this, so you never know!

  2. hahaha courtney, you had me worried.
    you clever girl.

  3. Hehe, this is awesome!!


  4. Hahahaha, that hat is totally your style! I bet you could pull it off.

  5. haha I love this. you are adorable.

  6. I know I'm late, but ya got me! lol
    Put fun music to a video and you'll have anyone fooled. So adorable.

  7. Well aren't you just adorable AND funny!