5 Ways to Style a DIY

 You may remember this layered top DIY, it is super simple and very versatile. Only requiring fabric and scissors, you can whip it up in just ten minutes. Here are five ways to style the layered top:
 Layered Top belted over a crochet dress. This is perfect for summer meals by the lake or the beach, oh how I miss the beach!
Necklace & Dress: Urban Outfitters//DIY Layered Top//Belt: Thrifted
 Layered Top under jean vest. I would wear this out shopping at the market and running errands.
Necklace: Urban//Vest: Target Kids-cut the sleeves off// DIY Layered Top//Jeans: PacSun
 Layered Top styled as a scarf. I love casual clothes that I can put on without thinking too much about, I would wear this top as a scarf on lazy days or out to lunch.
Shirt: Wal Mart//DIY Layered Top//Necklace: c/o StyleLately//Jeans: PacSun
 Layered top belted over lace top & jean shorts. I would wear this to a bonfire with friends.
Hat: Jessica Simpson//Top:Zara//DIY Layered Top//Shorts: Thrifted
Layered Top over patterned skirt. I'd wear this outfit to dinner or church.
Necklace: Nordstrom//DIY Layered Top//Tank: Forever21//Skirt: PacSun

Learn to make your own Layered Top here. This list is not exhaustive and maybe when the colder months come around I can share more ways to style...but lets soak in the hot summer days for now.

P.S. that awesome picnic table and American flag was made by my sister, Alex, and brother-in-law, Aric!


  1. That's it I need to make this top. I love all of these ways, and these photos are so cute!

    Juliette Laura

  2. Too cute! I'm loving the top with the crochet dress and with jeans! I'm definitely tempted to make a top for myself now... :)
    xo Heather

  3. So cute! I will definitely be making one of these. Also I love your shoes in the second outfit!

  4. This is an adorable idea! I am a huge fan of laying and belted tops, and I cannot wait to try these styles!