Necklace Display | DIY

Here is a fun way to display your favorite necklace, I plan to make more in different fabrics to display on my wall. I originally saw a display like this at Urban Outfitters on wood, I loved the idea so as I went to recreate it with wood I realized not everyone can make this out of wood and a skill saw so here is a simple way of recreating the display out of styrofoam!
 Materials: Styrofoam, fabric, mod podge or glue, x-acto knife, paper & pen. First, I folded my paper in half and drew out a polygon shape with a curved edge at the top and cut out. I traced my symmetric shape on styrofoam and cut out with an x-acto knife. Then fold your fabric over the styrofoam and mod podge! For the edges I cut slits at the top so when I folded the fabric over the curved edge the shape would still be defined.
For hanging: If you plan to hang your display on the wall just dig a small hole out of the back with your x-acto knife and place a push pin in- it will stay!
 This was such an easy project and I think mixing shapes as well as patterns of fabric would make a great display! You can also find a simple necklace DIY to hang on your new display here.


P.S. Check out that yellow coil pot I made in the fifth grade!


  1. That coil pot is REALLY cool! I'm so glad you've kept it. I love this easiest DIY ever. Great idea.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  2. Ohhh I have got to make some for my jewelry! These would make great gifts I think. And your yellow pot is so cute!

    Juliette Laura

  3. Such a neat idea! And simple too. No doubt I'll be trying this, thanks!