India Part II

[These photos are from Nagpur & Delhi]
If you talk to anyone who has visited I'm sure one thing they will comment on is the detail in everything. During our trip we visited a home where women learn the trade of sewing as well as jewelry making. These women are rescued from sex slavery and are taught valuable skills that can help them restore their lives. We got to take a look into their sewing room that was filled with machines and fabrics and we even got to purchase some of the goods they made. When we traveled to Delhi, we went to the market: some of the best shopping I've been to! In the middle of every month the vendors switch out and so there is always something new. The morning we went, all the new vendors were moving in. It was fun going around to every booth bartering with the locals as well as the ones who traveled from other parts of India like Calcutta and Mumbai to sell pretty scarves and quilts. I picked up gifts here for all my friends and family.

I have been so inspired by the colors and patterns from India and would love to travel back to learn how they make their fabrics or jewelry. India is incredible, hands down.


  1. Oh this sounds amazing! I noticed all the details in the photos. So cool. You have such amazing stories and photos. Thanks for sharing!

    Juliette Laura

  2. oh courtney. all of these photos are amazing. i almost feel like i was there. thank you for giving us a glimpse into this incredible adventure.

  3. couldn't agree more!

  4. I LOVE these pictures.. Especially the last one, I love how you captured every detail!


  5. It's so great, that you got to travel India! I would love to travel there, although everytime I mention the thought my family is less than pleased (because it isn't really save there for women...). Who knows, maybe one day?
    I would definitely also like to learn about jewellery and clothes making there, everything is so detailed as you said.

    Hanna xx