Look At The Pockets On That Thing

Scarf: Urban Outfitters//Dress: Resale shop [originally Anthropologie]//Bracelet: Local boutique//Shoes:Minnetonka 
 This dress... I like this dress a lot. I originally saw it on this pin over a year ago, seeing it was from Anthropologie I knew I would not be splurging on this summer dress. I made plans to make my own using an embroidered vintage tablecloth but of course...I could not find one that could do the dress justice. I didn't want to cheaply imitate it, I'm all for restyling clothes but I didn't want to fail. Since I never found anything to make these pockets out of I gave up on the DIY. But alas, I was shopping at a local resale shop that carries clothes that do not sell or that have a defect and I recognized the pockets immediately. To my surprise, it was only twenty dollars new! I love the little things like that... like finding the perfect dress after giving up.

Do you have any stories behind your clothes?


*Photos taken by Chase Kennedy


  1. Lucky girl! That dress is absolutely beautiful on you! Those pockets are killer :D
    xo Heather

  2. I worked at Anthro last summer when this dress came out and I LOVED it, but I couldn't justify the price. Lucky you for finding it elsewhere! :)

  3. It is like it was meant for you! How lovely! Looks wonderful on you!

    Juliette Laura

  4. I love this dress and just the whole outfit in general! So perfectly pieced together. :)

  5. okay, i'm obsessed with this dress. DEM POCKETS. also your blog is so cute and i'm way stoked to have stumbled across it. you seem like such a genuine person with a great aesthetic, thanks for making the internet a better place. immah go follow you now.