Oh Overalls... | Outfit Post

Shirt: Forever 21//Overalls: Wal Mart//Shoes: Minnetonka//Purse: DIY
*Photos by Chase Kennedy
Oh overalls,  I enjoyed wearing you in preschool so much and now I will enjoy it just as much in my twenties. When I saw these at Wal Mart, I snatched them up knowing I was going to camp that week and it would give me a better excuse to wear them out in public because I "originally bought them for camp" (that is a lie...I totally wanted them for everyday wear). I am loving that they have come out from hiding and are becoming a summer staple for 2013. If I was a little taller I'd love to rock the skinny cut like these from Free People but since height is not on my side, I'll stick to the rolled shorts version.

To take it to the next level, I convinced my team at camp to hit the local thrift stores for overalls so we can match for team competitions..I may be going overboard but who cares!

How do you feel about overalls?


  1. I am OBSESSED with overalls. And those look soooo good on you! I want a pair sooooo badly, but can't justify spending 300 at FP or even 60 at urban. I've been scouring thrift stores in my area, but can't find a pair that fits. Did you get those recently at wal-mart? If so, I am definitely checking there!

    Juliette Laura

  2. I have always loved overalls. I felt like a nerd in H.S. when ever I would wear them, but didn't care. I would wear them every so often up till my mid twenties. I feel like i'm too old for them now but I saw a mom of 4 wear some recently and thought," I can totally pull off that look", now I just need to find some. definitely hitting up Wal-Mart this weekend. Also, your purse is adorable!! Have you posted a tutorial or will you be?

  3. So Cute!Love your Minnetonka sandals! Are they worth the price? Are they comfortable and true to size? What style are they? I've been considering the belize or MARQUETTE ANKLE TIE SLIDE. Yours look like a combination of both! I love the picture of you spinning!

  4. I've never been a huge fan of overalls on myself, but they sure seem to look cute on everyone else! you look adorable + that bag is so ridiculously perfect!
    xo Heather

  5. please wear overalls everyday. you rock them.
    love the shot of you with your hair caught in mid turn.
    also, i love Free People's overalls too! they are my favorite. so feminine.

    i've been wanting some but i have been too much of a chicken.
    now, i think i will have to find overalls for myself.

  6. what a cutie! Also, I have serious hair envy.

  7. I do not like overalls, but I LOVE the bag! Super cute.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  8. Oh I've been wanting a pair of overalls so bad!! You look so good in them!

  9. I love this overall look, very vintage and in style! I need to find a piar like that. I just got this cross body bag that I feel would look great paired! Nice!!

  10. You are way too cute. I love your style, and I know my hubby would too...this is exactly how he wishes I dressed lol.

  11. Walmart?!?! so crazy. definitely going to see if they are still there:)
    Love your blog. Found it via stylegawker and I'm so happy I did!