Let's Restyle Those Summer Tank Tops!

Restyling seems to be all I do these days, but I don't mind. I originally made the chevron pattern tank for camp but soon realized tank tops are so great for summer time (duh!) and are so cheap! I found mine in the little boy's section of Wal Mart for $3 each. 
 Chevron Print: This was originally modeled after something I stumbled upon on tumblr, I used white acrylic paint on a black tank and cut the bottom hem off. Perfect paired with a printed scarf.
 Pocket Tank: I drew out a pocket pattern on paper then traced it on fabric leaving half an inch for hemming then I sewed it onto a heather gray tank. I love this under overalls or with shorts and knotted at the bottom.
Lace Tank: Kind of like a high-low skirt, I folded the tank in half and cut a diagonal line and sewed lace to the bottom. This made an asymmetrical hem that will be great paired with high waisted shorts and a cute necklace!


  1. Oh my goodness I have been doing this so much as well! Eeep! Love yours!

    Juliette Laura

  2. lol... I bought those tanks for my nephews and it never crossed my mind to grab some for myself...brilliant!

  3. i literally just bought one of those for myself the other day. i bought it for workout purposes tho, but now im inspired to snag a few more to snazz them up like yours :) (sidenote: i find myself buying boys/mens clothes all too often...haha)