The Hunt Is Over | Outfit Post

Scarf: Market in India//Shirt: PacSun//Skirt: FreePeople//Bracelet: Local boutique//Shoes: Minnetonka DIY

Can I just say a big "FINALLY!" My room mates (Erin & Whitney) and I  have been on the hunt for a rental home for a few months now. I feel like every moment of my life was spent stalking craigslist and zillow for a home to live in that wasn't destroyed by crazy college students. We fell in love with so many homes and got our hearts broken along the way (because sometimes rental companies don't like to call you back!) but finally we found a cute seventies style home that has great hard wood floors, a big kitchen and great natural light. We are so excited to move in and decorate the home, fix up a few things and have friends over. Plus, it will be nice living closer to campus next this year. I'm really excited to live with Erin & Whitney..I have a feeling our home is going to be cute and cozy once we settle in. It will be fun seeing how our styles mesh together, as Erin says "we will have a cute quirky house." I think she is right.

Speaking of homes...I'm headed home to Alabama for a week getting to hang out with friends and go to the beach! 


  1. I think its alwasy fun and fulfilling to finally find something(a house) that you know is worth it! I am so happy for you and your room mates


  2. I love your outfit so much! These photos are beautiful.
    And congratulations on finding a home! It sounds lovely!
    Hoping you will share photos once it is all quirkily (is that even a word...?) decorated!

    Juliette Laura

  3. Nice shawl and i like your outfit! (:

  4. love this whole outfit! and the silver bracelet - !!!

  5. What year are you in college?! My roommates and I are planning on moving into a townhome in August for the coming school year.

    I hope your planning on posting some of your personal home decor once you guys get moved in!