Clearing Out Challenge

 When I came back from India, I found myself looking at my belongings and thinking "I don't need that!" or "Why did I buy that?!" I believe that traveling across the world really made me see that we live with so much that is unnecessary. None of it really brings us true joy, and I have met my fair share of people that are happier with the little that they own. So when I came home I was in the process of unpacking and threw away/donated a few bags full of clothes and other knick knacks that I never used or wore.

I got to thinking and decided to myself I was going to go through my closet at the end of each month and rid myself of things that I have no use for. Things other people could use more than I could. My mom has always taught me that before I buy any new clothes I should donate to goodwill (you can read more about this in this post) so that kind of made things easier since it was already a semi-habit. This started in May and even though I have only done it three times so far, it has really made a difference. It has changed the way I see things when I make a purchase and really changes the way I spend my time because I spend less time going to thrift stores or the mall unless there is something I am on the hunt for.  It has even altered the materials I use for DIY projects because I want to use more scraps and materials I already have.

So as August is winding up, I want to challenge you to clean out your closet or chose a room in your home once a month and find a bag (big or small) of things you can donate to someone or a thrift store. To remind yourself, put it on your calendar! It doesn't have to be an all day event, you can just turn on some tunes and go through your closet for an hour and see if there is something you feel like donating. It's a nice way of simplifying your life and reevaluating the importance of things, and how they really aren't important. 

Maybe one day you'll eventually look through and not find anything that is overcrowding or unnecessary!


  1. I love donating things! It feels really good in both respects: clearing out space and giving to someone who could use it more than you. :)

  2. ummm you better be coming to the clothes swap next tuesday!

  3. I have always made a habit (thanks to my mom) that when I get something I give something else away. Love that you are doing this!!

  4. theres something about vacation that makes you want to live a more simple life. When I came home in August a hurricane seemed to rip through my closet taking everything with it! Numerous goodwill trips later I feel like I am a little less "Weighted down". Plus I've decided to sew more of my own clothes and make more of my own jewlery. So glad I found your blog because you have some great tutorials!!

  5. It totally is a great feeling to get rid of things you don't need! I try to do this once every couple months or so. It's a freeing feeling to live with only things that are actually being used. No need for excess! Love that this is becoming a topic that is talked about more often, and not buying just to buy, but really buying things that are useful and not just for vanity. I try to incorporate these things into my blog too!

    Thanks for sharing!

    xo - anna

  6. haha I just wrote about this as well... some swear words in my post oh well!

    Very nice to hear I'm not the only one thinking about being happy with less.

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    -- Facebook Page

  7. I mean, if you're donating any of the bags in that last picture, you can send them my way! :P
    I really like this idea. It certainly changes your perspective when you see what little the rest of the world has compared to the junk we're continually accumulating.

  8. that really is such a lovely idea! i too came back from travelling and felt fed up with how cluttered my bedroom seemed so I donated 2 binbags full of stuff that I just didn't want anymore: it's such a refreshing feeling have space. definitely need to tackle my wardrobe though & you've inspired me to finally have a crack at it!


  9. I have been doing this all summer as well, I volunteered in Boston a lot this past year, and it really made me realize that I had too much excess and unneeded items (similar to your experience!) Donating my clothes, and reworking them, is such a wonderful feeling.

    xo, Juliette Laura

  10. I need to do this so badly! I'm the queen of "but what if I get rid of it and then need it?" Yeah. Someday I'll be on Hoarders, buried alive under a mountain of graphic tees and floral skirts.

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