RopeSouls | Outfit

Top: Free People//Skirt: TJ Maxx//Bracelet: Borrowed from a friend//Watch:Target//Shoes: c/o RopeSouls
Photos by Arielle & Chase Kennedy
These RopeSouls came just in time to take on a few fun trips toward the end of my summer. I found myself wearing them in Minneapolis, home in Alabama, Orlando & back at the beach in Alabama. They have been the comfiest shoes to slip on with my shorts or a skirt and travel around in. My favorite part about wearing my RopeSouls is I get to tell people that these shoes help provide jobs for people to help them lift themselves out of poverty and improve their lives!

Along with my recent travels, I've been carrying around my Holga film camera. One roll of film was filled with so many great memories from a trip home and when I rushed to get it developed the film came completely out of the roll and was ruined. I guess that is the "fun" in film? I don't really think that is the fun part...but that is what the dude at Walgreens tried to get me to believe. But, hey...you win some you lose some. 

Have you ever tried your hand at film? Have any fun tips to share?



  1. Oh goodness I love those shoes! And your outfit. You look wonderful. And yes! I've been shooting film for the past three years! I've never tried my hand at toy cameras (holgas, dianas, etc) I've just used a 35 mm film camera. I've taken a few classes (in highschool, and photo is my major in college), and found that using a grey card helps with metering because you want your whole roll to be consistent! And unloading the film in a quiet place so you can hear it click and know it is safe to take out. Shooting film will in turn make you better at shooting digital, because you learn so much more about the way the camera works (and you can only have so many pictures)

    xo, Juliette Laura

  2. Really beautiful outfit, nice pictures! :)