Photos by Chase & Ari Kennedy
Jacket: DIY//Shirt: J.Crew//Necklace,Shorts & Bag: Free People//Shoes: c/o RopeSouls
It is easy to think that life has a timeline: graduate at this age, move out at this age, become successful at this age and retire at this age. My dad brought up something that really stuck out to me: we don't have to live on a timeline. Life isn't a race, opportunity doesn't leave you as you grow up, and not everyone's timelines are the same. Sometimes it is okay to slow down (something I need to learn.. I even take shopping at the grocery store as a race). Even when you have dreams & goals, don't feel like you have to get them done right away...work at them to the best of your ability and watch them grow and unfold before you. This is your life, your story, on your own timeline.


P.S. why does summer have to end?! 


  1. Beautiful photos and beautiful words! There is major truth in what you shared today and it's a lesson that I am trying to learn myself. It can be really hard to remind yourself to slow down and not force or rush life, especially when success is measured by how closely you've stuck to the generic timeline or how much you've achieved.

  2. Oh Courtney this made me so happy! I really needed to hear that, as I've been stressing about my future, you look beautiful, and I love your outfit. And summer, well that unfortunately does have a time line!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  3. perfect.
    also your house mates really miss you.

  4. i LOVE the fourth picture, the close up. the tones are beautifulllll. thanks for the reminder that life is such a journey, always.

  5. Very nice outfit, and really really nice pictures!! Beautiful!

  6. such gorgeous photos! such a sweet smile.

  7. i love this post. it's definitely worth it to realize that you are the master of your life and timeline and by golly you should enjoy it!

    Also these photos are so dreamy.

  8. I love your words. Thank you! I also love the photos and the details that were captured, you can feel the mood of the day. Beautiful.
    Tessa Lynn

  9. love your blog! found u via my friends at ropesouls.