How I Made My Own Giant Doily Rug | Pattern

 Back in 2011, this rug was sweeping across most magazines and pinterest boards. I was in love immediately, but deeply heartbroken when I saw the price of $900. Like most situations I say "Oh I could make that" so I did. I did some research on best prices of cotton piping and found it cheapest here for 37 cents a yard, I ordered about 223 yards of 1/2 inch piping. I tried to plan out the rug pattern, but once I got started I went a new direction and made the pattern up as I went.
 I thought I would use a crochet hook the whole time but only used it to get started, after that I just used my hands. Since it was nearly two years ago when I made this, I don't remember the exact pattern I came up with..but I'm going to try and write one out similar. I suggest looking up different doily patterns and studying them to get a feel for how they are made and then trying it out. For example: most doilies start out saying "chain 8 and join" which starts the middle of the doily. I finished the rug in about four hours.
These rugs are spot clean only, mine has gotten some dark marks here and there, but that is what a rug is made for-it isn't supposed to stay perfect. So keep that in mind, enjoy walking on it and having it out in your room! The feeling of walking on it is like having a foot massage.

I kept my rug stored away for the past couple years because I lived in a basic apartment where the carpet and walls were the same color as my rug which also happened to be the same color as my couch..but now I moved it into my new room that has wood floors, which makes a great contrast. I even think it would be awesome to dye my rug someday!

Crochet Doily Rug. Measures 5 feet in diameter. 
sl st-slip stitch
dc- double crochet
sc-single crochet
tr-treble crochet
**I began using a G hook, then after round one finished the rug by hand only.

Starting at center, ch 15 join with sl st to form ring.
1st rnd: ch 1, dc 30 times in ring
2nd rnd: sc 30 around ring
3rd rnd: sc , ch 4, sk 2, sc & repeat around ring
4th rnd: dc, ch 10 sk 4, dc & repeat around ring
5th rnd: dc, ch 10 sk 3, dc & repeat around ring
6th rnd: sc, ch 11, sk 8, sc & repeat around ring
7th rnd: dc 22 in loop & repeat around
8th rnd: sc 3, tr, sk 3 & repeat around
9th rnd: dc completely around
10th rnd: dc completely around & tie off

I'm so glad I finally get to share with you this project, I hope to always share with people why I craft and make my own things. It is thrilling to me, and I'm so thankful I can share it with others.


  1. This is so rad! I've been wanting to try a jumbo crochet project for a while now!

    Thanks for sharing :)

    applewood road

  2. Ahhh love this! Definitely going to make it! Thanks for the tutorial!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  3. YAY!!! Thank you so much for sharing this pattern, Courtney!! I have been dying to find out how you made it!



  4. Bless you for actually posting instructions!! Thank you :)

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  7. Wow fantastic....

    Can i ask are terms US or English please...
    Also how much piping did you use in total

  8. Wow fantastic....

    Can i ask are terms US or English please...
    Also how much piping did you use in total

  9. It's so beautiful and looking awsome ! I love purchasing rugs for my home. I purchased hand knotted wool rugs from an online store and it was so cozy that it kept my floor warm. They have a natural advantage,if you have spill some water or any other drink, the liquids will be easily cleaned away, as they do not soak into the actual wool, they cling to the surface of fibers. These can be easily dyed. Wool rugs have certain qualities too like they are made out of natural animal fiber.Also they do not lose their original shape quickly unlike other carpets.

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  11. Gorgeous! I don't know how to crochet (yet), I can only weave. Though, my mother offered to make me one once I get her the supplies!