I Like Your Style | Bri Lamkin

I'm so happy to have Bri Lamkin from The Secret Life of Bee here to share a little about her personal style. I have been following Bri for a good while now and I love that she knows who she is, what she likes and is perfect at pairing t-shirts and skirts. I also love Bri's take on dressing modestly.  
Name: Bri
I am a: photographer
My style is: Classic with an occasional hint of earthy
My go-to outfit: Graphic tee, high waist skirt and moccasins
I am inspired by: photography and my friends
If I could do anything, I would: move to New York City

Make sure you head over to The Secret Life of Bee to see many more cute outfits from Bri.
P.S. She also sings, takes photos & writes...she is one talented little lady.


  1. her style is really great, i loved her post awhile ago on dressing modestly. it's really inspiring to read other's feelings on that subject.

    lindsey louise


  2. ah she is so great & has such a lovely style!

  3. LOVE her :) She's got such perfect style!