Jesus At The Center Of It All

This little quote has been on my mind so much lately. I wake up singing it, and humming the little phrase all day. I want Jesus to be the center of every single thing I do. Everything. When talking with a friend last night, she shared with me something that was passed along to her: "if you lost everything, if nothing turned out as you planned, if everything around you crumbled down.. would Jesus be enough?" He is enough! And it can be so easy to say "if all else falls around me, Jesus is enough" but what are you going to do when that actually happens? When you don't get the job you want, or people fail you? Is your life and actions really going to show Jesus is enough? So with that thought in mind, I continually ask God to be the center of it all because when the world fails me, I will look to Jesus, the center of everything in my life.

What are your thoughts?


  1. i was just blaring this song through my apartment, on repeat all morning.
    it's such a great thought to have, always reminding me to keep Him centered.

  2. Such a lovely reminder and song and truth. Always a solid reminder to constantly be telling our crazy selves. Am I right?? I just recently stumbled upon your happy little blog and am so encouraged by your love of Jesus and adventure.

    D'Ann, mismatchedsimplicity.com

  3. what a beautiful sentiment! He is our constant, our rock always there, if only we would look around & realise it!