31 Bits

Kimono: Forever 21//Shirt: Free People//Jeans: Pac Sun//Shoes: Boutique//necklace c/o 31 Bits
*Photos by Arielle Kennedy
Have you heard of 31 Bits yet? They are an incredible brand that work with women in Uganda to rise above poverty. Women that are in the 31 Bits program learn english, finance lessons, aids & health education, and vocational training. It is incredible to see fashion have such a purpose that is beyond the surface level. Fashion fades, but these women and their families are forever impacted by the lessons they learn through this organization. 

I am in love with my orchid loop necklace, it is amazing how these talented women make the beads so they don't even look like they are made out of paper! They take the paper bead to the next level. 31 Bits necklaces are going to be my go-to gift for the Christmas season coming up (yup, I just mentioned Christmas..get excited!)

Check out the 31 Bits website to learn more about what they do in Uganda, shop their jewelry, check out the designers and be sure to give them a follow!


  1. is the Christmas countdown on already!! So not excited for piles of snow! haha I can't believe those are paper beads!

  2. Oh how beautiful is your kimono?! I did one by myself, but yours is much prettier :)

  3. I love buying products from organizations that focus on helping others, and their products are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.