Faux Sheep Rug | DIY

My room is so far from being what I want it to be, I'm a very slow decorator. I enjoy my bed and the wire baskets underneath but other than that my room is just random things I've had for years. I've never had a vision for it until now, I feel like I have a grasp on things. Some of those things take more time (and money) than others, so for now I'm working on the small projects.

Originally, I had my giant doily rug on my bedroom floor but with the fall and winter months arriving I wanted something a little more cozier.

This rug cost $12 and took 15 minutes. Enjoy!

Materials: 1 yd. faux sheep fabric, scissors, hot glue

Flip your fabric and roughly sketch the shape you want. As you can tell, I drew a few different shapes and then cut around it making changes as I went. Cut out your shape. Finish by gluing strips of hot glue on the back so it doesn't slip if you are placing it on tile or a wood floor.
 I really love this rug because I didn't have to pay an arm and a leg for a trend that I may not be in love with in a year or so. I also love it because I plan to layer it over a kilim rug that I'm saving for!


  1. This is a really great rug! I like it (and the price) a lot!

  2. Great DIY for the cold winter days to come. You have really great style and taste, I'm sure your room is going to be fantastic. Keep up the good work! xo Ines

  3. Absolutely love this DIY idea! What a cute rug!
    xo TJ

  4. you are so great at what you do!
    like, seriously, ill buy one of these from you.
    can I??

  5. you are genius. this is so cozy looking!

  6. Dang, this is wonderful.
    You should post some inspiration shots for layered rugs — there are so many beautiful options out there!