Camp Brand Goods

In case you were wondering, this outfit is basically what has been getting me through this winter. I have tried every beanie + sweatshirt combo that I can...and when spring arrives maybe my normal style will come back out. Maybe.
Toque: Handmade (Pattern HERE)//Sweatshirt: Camp Brand Goods// Jeans: PacSun// Boots: Thrifted
*Photos by Arielle Kennedy
I ordered this Camp Brand Goods sweatshirt for myself after Christmas as a reward for the busy Christmas season I had with my Etsy shop. I fully believe in rewarding yourself, and so I did just that. Everything Camp Brand has put out on the market so far is pure gold. I also love this pulloverthis bison T  and this toque. I'm so glad the snow is finally gone here in Missouri, maybe this winter will chill out soon! 


  1. amen! nothing like a good pullover and beanie! I pretty much gave up on wearing anything but that this winter. & don't let anyone fool you. you look fantastic. Sometime less is more...right?

    xo ronnie


  2. Ahh that looks so comfortable! And those boots are the gem! Makes it even better that you thrifted those!

  3. This is so cute; looks really snuggly! I love the beanie :)

  4. Looks like the cosiest outfit!
    Bella x

  5. so cute! this makes me want to go buy a bunch of comfy sweaters...

  6. Love the camp brand, that sweater looks so cosy!