Polar Vortex..?

Hat: Thrifted & Restyled//Necklace: Urban Outfitters//Shirt: Free People//Striped Shirt: J.Crew//Jeans: Pac Sun// Boots: Thrifted 
*Photos by Arielle Kennedy
I am kind of already in love with 2014. Ok, if the temperature was up another 50 degrees I would really love it. I try to stay away from looking at my weather app because I know I'll just be disappointed to see how cold it really is, thanks polar vortex. There is snow on the ground so I know: it is cold.

Back to why I love it: I feel like there is so much to be learned in 2014. For Christmas, my family (err..Santa) hooked me up with some really sweet things like a drill, screen printing supplies, a knitting book, a printer, a rotary cutter, & a new camera lens. These are all things that I probably wouldn't have asked for five years ago. They are things to hone a craft, to improve skills and to learn new skills. To know there are more possibilities ahead and more things to learn and work on is exciting, overwhelming, and just what I need for a new year.

What are you looking forward to this year?

P.S. I've been living in a select few items this winter and this Free People Circle in the Sand Tee is one of them. Have you seen the new January collection? You've done it again, Free People!


  1. Love that outfit! And ugh, so cold here in Maine (like I'm sorry,-35 is just wrong), excited to be back in boston where it is like 30's, still (literally) freezing but much better. Glad you are loving 2014!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  2. You're so lucky that you get to see snow :) But I agree, it's really cold! Almost too cold. Love the outfit. Cool photos!

  3. We are still waiting for snow here in the PNW, but it's not far off! I agree with your outlook on this year, it is going to be a really good year! :)

  4. Such amazing gifts you got! lovely pictures :)

  5. Those boots, what a great find! I heard on the news how cold it got on your side of the world, to me it's just unbelievable!

  6. I'm so glad you found my blog and commented, because now I know about YOUR lovely blog!! I've just gone back in your posts and found SO many amazing projects that I want to try ;)

  7. I'm with you on this one. 2013 felt like a year for discovering things I was interested in and what I was good at, and 2014 feels like a fresh start to really hone the skills I dabbled in in 2013. Your Christmas loot sounds like a great start!

  8. I'm not sure if my last comment worked...So I thought I would try one more time :)

    First off, I LOVE your outfit, so cute. Also, thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I am so thankful that you did because now I have a new website to spend hours on..