Floral & Plaid

Dress: Forever 21// Plaid: Thrifted//Leggings (fleece lined!!!): Marshalls//Shoes: Toms//Bracelets: Madewell &Oxford Trunk

*Photos by Alex Kennedy
If I could wear an outfit everyday, other than a sweatshirt and a beanie, I'd wear this. A mix of patterns and materials, and a little bit of nineties thrown in the mix. It is snowing today, so naturally I just want to curl up in a ball of blankets and escape from Missouri but tonight I tried something new. Since I work at home all day, getting out can be a hassle and I usually dread going anywhere, so I went out to the dollar movie theatre tonight to see The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty. It was completely worth bundling up, driving in the snow and $1.50. Now I know why everyone has been telling me I needed to see it. So. Good.


  1. SOO adorable!! Totally loving this outfit :)

    xx, rach

  2. This outfit is very cute! I love that style of toms :)


    1. Thank you, Sarah! These Toms are SO comfortable, I have to stop myself from wearing them everyday!

  3. i have this dress in red!! what an awesome way to style it! <3