Thanks, Arkansas.

Photos taken on a disposable camera.
Yesterday, a few friends and I headed down to Arkansas for some climbing. I definitely got more reading and relaxing in than climbing, but I think the time spent outside was good for me. The weather was perfect and made me even more excited to get back to work this week. Thank you, Arkansas, for a great day!

How was your memorial day?


  1. Lovely photos :)


  2. I never used a disposable camera before! Lovely photos :D

  3. looks like it was a lovely day! It's hard for me to really imagine what the parts of the states look like that aren't the ones you see all the time on TV (new york, california, texas). I would have never imagined Arkansas rocky and hilly but it looks amazing! Shows what I know hey ;) haha

  4. Your photos are wonderful, the colours are so perfect!

  5. Great shots - this looks like fun hey. I must try at some point, if only to get outside and relax away from the daily grind. x